Published on July 15, 2022 in News

At the beginning of this year, the KSA has been commissioned to set up the Australia casino license. The KSA has been given the lead to online casinos legalize. They have immediately started working here in the last 6 months. At the beginning of this month they delivered their first report to the government.

In the KSA's report, O.A. The proposal for the cranks. This is a register for players with a gambling addiction. At the moment every casino has its own cranks. This will soon need one system for online casinos and landbased casinos.

The KSA now leaves the first version of the Cranks by the Holland Casino. Despite the first tests, the KSA is immediately criticized. The criticism is based on its own research and the first results.

According to the KSA's research, players must be on the black list for too long. This would ensure that fewer players voluntarily report to the cranks. This is one of the criticisms that the KSA brings outside directly into the report.

Cooling period provides more players with a gambling addiction

A cooling period is processed in the cranks. In this period, players are refused access to the casino. Soon this does not only happen offline, but also in legal online casinos. According to the government, the cooling period must take at least 6 months.

Most players find it difficult to give up gambling for 6 months. They no longer have their playing behavior under control. A cooling period of 6 months ensures that it becomes even more difficult to put the threshold step.

The KSA therefore asks the government to choose players themselves. Players must have the opportunity to reconcile themselves 2 weeks or a month. If this does not work, they can choose a cooling period of a longer period.

Most casinos agree with the advice of the KSA. They also believe that players are not giving themselves faster for the cranks. Especially when the Cranks is implemented nationally and nobody gets access to the casino.

Criticism of the influence of the online casinos on the license

In addition to the cranks, there is also criticism from the KSA on collaboration with online casinos. The government has decided that the casinos with a license application may be able to think along about the license. They may state what they think that must be in the license.

The KSA must bring the requests and participate in the government. However, the KSA believes that the online casinos therefore get too much power. For example, a discussion has arisen about the warning towards players.

In the Australia it is mandatory to warn players in casinos to the risk that you can lose money. You can also see this if, for example, you start investing or borrow money. Online casinos want the text to be: with online games of chance you walk a low risk to lose money. However, the KSA does not think that a distinction can be made between online casinos and traditional lotteries.

However, online casinos believe that the risk is lower. This has to do with the high benefit towards players. The benefit is higher than in traditional games of chance. The KSA appointed this as a tip of criticism towards the government. They hope that they ultimately have the last voice themselves and not the online casinos.