Published on 12 March 2019 in News

Today we are going into this news item about a provider that is generous to giving away free money and free spins. We have already written about this in our Spinia casino review. At this casino, which is primarily trying to speak online slots, you can already get to 250 euros in free money with the welcome bonus with your first two deposits. In addition, there is a Reload Bonus every Sunday, a VIP program for people who make a lot of bets and a daily slot tournaments are organized. Today we are going to talk about the last offer. You can use this from this every day. Moreover, there are also nice cash prizes that you get on top of normal profits that you achieve gambling on video slots.

30,000 euros prize money per month

At Spinia they don't look at a more or less on a euro. All kinds of promotions are organized to keep players loyal to gambling. An example of this are the tournaments that are organized daily. On the website of the casino, these are also called lock races. Every tournament takes 24 hours and at that time participants have time to gather as many points as possible. They can keep track of how they stand on a leaderboard on the website. Every day Race 1000 euros and 1000 Free Spins are given away with the slot. This amounts to a prize money of 30,000 euros per month. These prices have a wagon requirement, but this is incredibly low. For example, the free money must be played around 3x and the free spins 5x.

What are the rules of a lock race?

Now that your interest is awakened by the thousands of euros that are given away monthly, you naturally want to know how to participate in a tournament. The rules of the lock races are listed on the website, but we give you a brief explanation. Every player automatically participates in the race. When you play a lock then you automatically save points and you rise on the leaderboard. The rule is that for every 1 euro to bet you place, you earn 1 point. The intention is therefore to collect as many points as possible in a 24-hour period. At that time the prices are paid and a new tournament starts again. As mentioned earlier, money prices must be used three times before the profit may be paid. For free spins, a wagon requirement of 5 times the profit applies that is achieved. The prize pool is divided over the 50 players who have finished the highest on the leader board.

The best strategy to win

After reading the rules, it is clear to everyone that the person who is the most money bet the tournament will win. Yet you don't have to be afraid that a number of gamblers at Spinia are active every day who have a giant bankroll and thus the main prize off every time. This would be a very stupid strategy of them with which they make more loss than profit. The best strategy to win is that with the budget that you already plan to go out for gambling a Lucky Streak. When you manage to win in the beginning and seeing this profit and run higher, the points will pile up very quickly. You can consider changing once or to increase the bet per spin to get as much advantage of your lucky day and see how it expires. Don't go because you have your eye to the main prize, deposit more money to get some extra points. A good tip is also about the Weekly Reload Bonus to catch on Sunday. This gives you more money to put on the slots, then you have to risk yourself.