Published on April 27, 2022 in News

This year King's Day has been transformed into living day. This means that we cannot or go out to festivals. We are stuck in our own home. This is of course very bales on a national holiday such as King's Day.

Fortunately there is still a way to enjoy king's day a bit. By going to go gambling online, you can still get away from it. Especially if you go to the live casino you have the idea that you are out. You almost forget that you are still at home.

If you are going to gamble at home online, we have collected a few tips for you. With these tips you can try to win more money on King's Day. That's how you make a lucrative day on this national holiday.

Grab a Reload Bonus king day

At present, almost all online casinos are located abroad. Of course they are not familiar with King's Day here. This does not celebrate it in the online casino. But this does not mean that there is no reload bonus.

King's Day is on a Monday this year. This is normally a quiet day for the online casino. To make the day something busier, a reload bonus can be found in a number of online casinos. Betamo For example, a free spins bonus on Monday has.

If you are able to add money on King's Day, you can take advantage of a bonus. If you know the bonus smart, you can also make extra money from this. This is of course nicely taken when you dangle a gamble.

Play with a strategy

This weekend you have an extra day off. Make good use of this by spending time in reading in Casino Strategies. You can spend your free time useful and immediately start betting in practice.

Thanks to a casino strategy you can simply win more money than normal. Today it is an excellent opportunity to try out this. After all, you still have time to practice and who knows you win extra money this year.

Try to stay sober

At 4 p.m. there is indeed a national chief moment. At the moment of the day we test on the birthday of the king. This is nice but we cannot lose our concentration during online gambling.

With alcohol, your limits fall away and you can suddenly start to bet too much per round. Make sure you remain sober today and keep control of your commitment. Divide your deployment neatly over multiple rounds. Do this by a maximum of 5% at a time.

Play in the live casino

Is the software not really favorable this year? Then we have a solution the live casino. Hereby you see the wheel to be played literally at Roulette. Nothing can be manipulated here in your disadvantage.

Another big is that you feel that you get away from it. This is nice during a king's day where you have to sit at home.