Published on 5 June 2019 in News

Deal or No Deal is a known television program made by Endemol. The program was first on Australia television under the name Miljoenenkacht and was presented by Linda de Mol. Later it has also been on the tube as Deal or No Deal. It is under this name that the television program has crossed the whole world. Very many people know how the game is played. The principle is simple. The player chooses a suitcase in which a sum of money is. The remaining suitcases are then played away. After every round, the player gets a bid from the couch for the suitcase that they have selected at the beginning. So you can choose Deal or No Deal.

Now everyone can play the game

You will probably have seen this game on television once and then hoped that you can also participate once. However, the chance that you are invited is very small. Now, however, everyone can play the game. Evolution gaming has developed a variant that can be played in an online live casino. You get a presenter to see and a beautiful lady who opens the suitcases. Same type of setting so as with the television program. A difference is that this is a gaming. So you first have to insert money yourself to have a chance to win a profit. So it is also possible to make loss. However, if you already plan to take a gamble at one Nederlands online casinoThen Deal OR no Deal is a nice change from the traditional games of chance.

First come by qualifying round

Once you can play the game with the suitcases, it is for sure that you will win a sum of money. How large this amount is, that must still be determined. Most participants will of course first play a number of suitcases to find out what the chance is that the largest amount is in the chosen suitcase. However, if the bank's bid becomes increasingly higher than it is tempting to accept this once. However, before you come to this decision, you will have to come through a qualifying round with this version of Evolution Gaming. This starts with a wheel that consists of three wheels. To this must be played and then the intention is that three gold surfaces are stationary in the right place. If that happens then you continue to the next phase of the game.

Evolution gaming live games of chance online

Evolution gaming is the maker of Deal or No Deal and by distance the market leader in live online casino games. Another formal competitor is Netent Live. However, it seems that the developer has been taking an ever greater lead in the rest in the last few years. Evolution gaming already had the most live blackjack and roulette tables. They also offer live casino games in various markets where the dealers speak the language of the country. We suspect that the number of games is up to ten times larger than at the nearest competitor. Now the company therefore wants to take even more distance from the competition by adding games as a deal or no deal to the assortment. We think a smart starts because many gamblers are occasionally increased to something other than the umpteenth spider of the roulette wheel. Fans of the television program will also be attracted.

In the video below you see how the game is played.