Published on November 13, 2019 in News

We are already almost halfway through November and this means that the December month and the end of the year is getting closer. In most shops, Sinterklaas and Christmas decorations can be seen and the Zwarte Piet Discussion is again loosened in all kindness. These circumstances do not all contribute to a festive atmosphere. What is also about to come and where you will certainly be happy to be the bonus promotions that give away a lot of online casinos in December. As a gambler you can benefit from this. It is therefore advisable to prepare yourself at this time. In this news item some tips how to do this.

Open accounts and claim Welcome bonus

The first thing you need to know for good preparation on December promotions at online casinos, is that they are usually exclusively offered to existing players. This means that you have to do deposits and bets in the past X number of months. The conclusion that we can draw from this is that it is smart to open accounts now and then of course also the Welcome bonuses Claim. If the December month in place then you will be eligible to make use of this. If you can find out if a casino has also offered promotions last year during this period, you naturally give these providers priority.

Keep analogous advent calendar promotors

The promotions that we love to be at online casinos in December are the Advent calendars. You know the calendars where you can count down the days to Christmas and New Year by opening a box every day where a piece of chocolate is hidden behind. Gambling providers online make digital versions of these calendars. Every day you can use another promotion. This can be done, for example Free Spins for a video slots or a bonus at a reload of your balance. The closer to Christmas and New Year you come, the more generously the offers are often.

Good time of the year to stay inside

The reason that casinos often offer bonuses and other benefits in December is that the number of active players are probably going down at the end of the year. We think this is quite strange, because our December month seems to be a good time of the year to stay inside and take a chance through the internet. After all, the weather is cold and inclement. Moreover, they are often days on which you want to get together with the family to eat well together. Sitting on the Christmas dinner all day is not healthy. Half an hour gambling in one Online casino via your mobile phone is therefore a welcome change. Certainly if there is extra benefit to you waiting with which you can let your chance to take a profit.