Published on June 17, 2019 in News

From last Thursday 6 June it is possible to fly directly to Las Vegas from Schiphol. The KLM first has set up a direct flight for the first time in the history of the company from the Australia to the best known gambling town in the world (and of course again). This is good news for avid gamblers in the Australia because this means that they can reach Las Vegas faster and cheaper to spend a few days in casinos. The introduction of the new line had been announced for many months ago. After the announcement, enough interest was shown after the announcement, because this month the AMS-Las flight is finally a fact.

Carefully selected date for take off?

Due to the start of direct flights between Amsterdam and Las Vegas on Thursday 6 June, we wonder if KLM has carefully chosen this date for the first take off. Australia pokers will gladly use the flight because coincidentally this month is also the Word Series or Poker of Start. Travelers should miss the tournaments on the first day of the event because the WSOP has started a day earlier on Wednesday 5 June.

Another event that may have played a factor in introducing the direct flight to Las Vegas is the news that the Privatization of Holland Casino does not continue. This decision has explained that gamblers in the Australia for at least the upcoming years still have no choice in which casino they prefer to play. This will always be one of the branches of Staatsbedrijf Holland Casino within our national borders.

This is different in Las Vegas. Here countless casinos are located in a single city. This also creates a competition between the different providers of games of chance. A free market forces that is in favor of the gamblers. The casinos compete with each other to be the best, the cheapest or the hippest choice. Discounts on hotel rooms, all-you-can-eat buffets for a tenner and the largest entertainment shows are organized to attract gamblers. This situation is by no means in force in the Australia where the Holland Casino state company has no competition where they have to do.

Could it be that KLM has introduced direct flights to Las Vegas because they suspect that Australia gamblers are interested in this?

Boeing 787 Dreamliner 2 to 3 times a week

A new line between Amsterdam and Las Vegas started earlier this month from Schiphol. The first few weeks two flights per week will leave weekly. The plan is to raise this number to three times a week in July. This frequency will be arrested throughout the winter until the month of February. Then will be flown twice a week. The flights are also performed with a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. A device in which 294 passengers can take place. 30 people can sit in Business Class, 45 in Economy Comfort and 219 in the Economy Class. People have to go through the introduction of the new scheduled flight in London or a large American city to reach Las Vegas.

Would you rather not travel the half world to take a gamble in a casino? You can therefore As a Australiaman from home online gambling. After all, you also have a choice of a large number of different casinos on the internet. Here is also a competition to attract gamblers and you can benefit from it by using high casino bonuses.