Published on April 28, 2019 in News

If you regularly read the news items / opinion pieces on our website, you will have it that we are not exactly a fan of the Gambling Act as it is currently still in force in the Australia. The monopoly on offering games of gambling for the Holland Casino government has arisen from an integer objective to minimize the risks of gambling addiction. The reasoning behind the decision was that the company would be run without a profit motive and that this could always be proposed to the importance of gamblers. However, practice has expanded very differently and turns off several examples once again that Holland Casino does not operate otherwise than any other casino in the world. A new example became announced last week, when the light came to light that a director of a care agency from Almelo has no less than 1.5 million euros in obscuring care money at the establishment in Enschede.

Pins from the business account

That director Nina B. has a gambling addiction that is quite an understatement when you read all the details of this case. In a period of 5 years, the woman collected no less than 1.5 million euros in the Enschede location of the Holland Casino. That is on average no less than 300,000 euros per year and 25,000 per month. Research has shown that the director also regularly directly from the business account of Zorgbureau Victorie Help and Services PIND. This has been done for almost 600,000 euros in the five-year period. Other times the woman from her personal account, but now it appears that this money also came from care money from the assets. Incidentally, the investigation has also shown that an additional 150,000 euros at other casinos in the region have been shelled and 25,000 euros in games of games are lost in the gambling cities Monte Carlo and Las Vegas. However, the largest amounts have been welcomed at the Holland Casino establishment Enschede.

Why didn't Casino intervene?

The news item that has appeared in the newspapers last week shows not only that there are gross abuses at so-called healthcare agencies in the Australia. During a further investigation, as a result of this scandal, alone in the Almelo region has been discovered by seven healthcare institutions. However, what we should not forget is that it also demonstrates abuses that play at the Holland Casino. They still have the monopoly position in the Australia because they would have the objective to discover gambling addicts at an early stage and to offer them help before they work deep into trouble. This is clearly not happening in the case of the Director of Zorgbureau Victory Help and Services. She could not lose a total of 1.5 million euros in the casino site for no less than five years. Ultimately it is also at Holland Casino just to do the profit. In that case the government can better Release the gambling market and holding companies really liable when they commit such abuses.