Published on September 22, 2022 in News

Can a jar of blackjack or roulette use some variation? This is exactly what Pragmatic Play themselves thought. This month they come up with two New Live Casino spell!

In recent months, Pragmatic Play has substantially invested in its own live casino. It seems clear that she want to bump Evolution gaming from their throne. Evolution gaming has been the absolute number one for the live casino for a few years in a row. You will find the games in every online casino. But more and more casinos also invite Pragmatic Play for the Live Casino.

This time they try to really attack their live offer at Pragmatic Play. Azure Blackjack was launched on 9 September and Azure Roulette will be released on 23 September. Two new variants on the most popular table games in the live casino!

Extra tables to play from Pragmatic Play

Azure Blackjack and Azure Roulette are not only added to stand out even more in the live casino. Lana Bleichyk said she mainly want to increase the capacity in the casino. Unfortunately, it often happens that there is insufficient place for all players in the live casino. The capacity increases considerably with Azure Blackjack and Azure Roulette.

Pragmatic Play knows that the number Blackjack tables This expands from 5 to 15. This means that many more players can sit live at the same time. Unfortunately, especially with Blackjack, it sometimes happens that the tables are full.

New studio built for Azure Blackjack and Roulette

Pragmatic Play has built a new studio especially for expanding capacity. Because a new studio was necessary, they could immediately choose a theme. They want players to give a new one in Game experience. A new theme is placed with a great atmosphere with Azure.

The name Azure is especially linked to the atmosphere in the studio. So there is no unique gameplay. But Pragmatic Play promises that the players get a delicious live experience presented. For example, new Full HD cameras have been installed to get the game even better. As a result, you really have the idea that you are present live.

Can you play Azure Blackjack and Roulette anywhere?

Unfortunately, not all online casinos have chosen to Pragmatic Play live games to add. Fortunately there are a few casinos where you can already play the games. Would you like to play a game of Azure Roulette? Then we recommend that you to play in Betchan. This is one of the casinos where Azure Roulette is already online! From tomorrow you can also play the new Blackjack Variant live here.

Can't wait to go live? Then immediately create an account at one of the casinos where the games are online. You can take a try to defeat the croupier and who knows a nice amount to win!