Published on March 13, 2022 in News

NetEnt has entered into an exclusive collaboration with Hero Gaming in 2018. As a result of the collaboration, new options have been processed in the games. One of the new options is the so-called Blitz fashion at slots.

The Blitz mode is a special fast mode in which you can take a gamble accelerated. The mode is specially devised for players who find the rollers slowly running. With the Blitz mode, rolling the spins is skipped. You will immediately see the result instead of turning the rollers.

In practice you will really get a completely different play experience. It feels very different to immediately see the result instead of seeing the rollers first turn. The game therefore extends on average 6 times faster than normal.

What is the benefit of Blitz?

The advantage is that you can run many more spins at your slot per hour. You therefore play faster and you can therefore win or lose faster. You don't have to look endlessly to the boring roles and bonus features.

At Blitz you can still activate bonus features. The big difference is that you don't have to play them first, but you will immediately see the result. So no game is made of a bonus feature. Instead of playing a game you just get the result immediately.

Although the game with Blitz played a lot faster you just get the same chances. In terms of shops, nothing changes at all. Only the visual display and play rounds are skipped. This is mainly intended for the gamblers that the Boring spins from Netent Then were sitting.

Blitz cannot be found on every slot machine

Does blitz look like ideal? Then we have to disappoint you that you now come across the mode everywhere. The technique is owned by Hero Gaming. They have made a number of slots in collaboration with Netent.

Yet it is about a number of large titles that they have now produced with Hero Gaming. The titles where you will come across Blitz are Starburst, Aloha, Twin Spin, Dead or Alive 2 and Gonzo's quest. In total there are 46 old and new titles with the Blitz technology.

If you open a lock with Blitz you get the option in which mode you want to play. You can choose a gamble in standard mode and the Blitz mode. If you have made a choice you can take a gamble and try to win nice amounts.

Not every online casino has Blitz

It seems Some online casinos Also to be a choice or allow them to allow Blitz. There are a number of online casinos where we did not receive the choice for the Blitz mode at Starbust. We could only take a gamble in regular mode. So this is just to choose a choice.

If you can choose Blitz, we will definitely recommend this. It is a quick way to take a gamble and in principle lose nothing. Your shopping opportunities remain exactly the same and this makes it worth it to play.