Published on December 4, 2015 in News

If you really want to use a great action, you can now get Double Free Spins at the Free Spins Casino. These are the free spins that you get if you are going to make a deposit. This means that you can easily get a few hundred free spins extra. It is actually very simple, the more you deposit all more free spins you are going to get. Lovers of online slots and the video slots that will certainly be in their jaces with this promotion. You can still use it all month. So go look quickly on which slot machine or on which video slot you want to get these free spins.

Getting the Free Spins

Let's see how you can get these free spins. It is very easy and the only thing you have to do is a deposit. If you have done this, you will immediately get the Free Spins visible in your account. You give up what amount you want to deposit and then you can immediately see how many free spins you get to a certain slot or at a video slot. Immediately afterwards you will want to play and want to win a nice amount with these free spins. If you know that there are a number of jackpots that you can deliver more than one million, then you know that you can suddenly become a rich man or woman. These free spins that are available to everyone. If you are not yet a player, you can register and use this offer and if you are already playing in the casino then you can log in and then do a deposit. The Free Spins will be immediately available after the payment.

Let's give a number of examples of the number of free spins that you can get if you deposit a small amount as ten euros. Normally you get four spins on Jack Hammer and this will then be eight. Gonzo's Quest That is also really a topper and where you normally get five free spins for this cupboard this is now ten. Do you deposit even more money then the number of free spins will only be more.

Get Free Spins without a deposit

Whatever worth mention is that you can get free spins without placing a deposit if you are not yet registered. This is the so-called no deposit bonus and you will then get twnig spins that you can use entirely for free on the beautiful Starburst cupboard. You can use this without further obligations and if you know how to win a nice amount with these free spins, you can also let it be paid out to your bank account. So all the reason to try this to go fast and take advantage of the wonderful promotions that this casino has to offer this December month.