Published on 27 June 2022 in News

The KSA today published the first setup of the cranks. The cranks is a register in which players are standing with a play ban. They are players with financial problems and gambling addiction.

At the moment there is already a blacklist that is used by the Holland Casino, for example. But with the arrival of Australia online casinos there must be an online list.

The intention is that players on the cranks list will no longer have access to the Holland Casino or Online Casino. Online casinos with the Australia license are required to check players on the list before they allow it. Is a player on the black list? Then this will no longer receive access to the website.

The cranks was one of the government's strict conditions for setting up their own casino license. But due to the delay in recent weeks it may not be feasible to have a working cranks before July 1, 2022. This was the date that the Australia Casino License starts.

Due to the lack of the cranks, there is a good chance that the license will soon be suspended for at least half a year.

KSA is going to test Cranks in July

Despite the possible delay of the new casino license, tests are already tested with the new cranks. The proposal for the new cranks was laid down today at the Landbased casinos. In addition, the government also has a first set-up these days.

Landbased casinos such as the Holland Casino will test with the system from July 13. The tests that are done are going to take a lot of time. The casinos must detect potential errors so that it is out of the launch of the Australia license.

Due to the measures and closure of the casinos in recent months, the Cranks has yielded much delay. It is therefore whether everything is arranged in time for the release of the Australia Locent casinoIt's in 2022.

Enforcement cranks is crucial

For the Australia government it is important that the cranks are being maintained. Players with an addiction should no longer get access to the casino. At the moment it is fairly easy for players to gamble online.

At present, players can simply go to another online casino after a block and still gamble. The government believes it is important that this problem will be tackled. It is only not yet clear how the KSA will solve this problem.

Registrations may be prohibited from foreign casinos. At the moment it is tolerated for players to gamble online. But this can sometimes change if a Australia casino license comes. You may only be gambling in Australia casinos.

A number of companies already gamble that this will happen by the new Cranks regulations. It is therefore not surprising that 180 online casinos have already reported to a Australia license. They can continue to receive Australia players in their online casino.