Published on August 21, 2022 in News

The past months is the Australia Casino License Regular national in the news. The Australia is the last country of Europe where the casino license will be legalized.

The planning was initially to launch the first online casinos from the Australia from 1 January 2022. This has already been postponed fairly quickly until July 1, 2022. Recently it was announced that the target date now will be third quarter 2022.

It is not yet known when the releases of the first Australia online casinos be exactly. The project would be delayed by the current situation in the Australia. As a result, it can be consulted with the government. In addition, home insulation would ensure that the KSA can function less properly.

Investment around the Australia Casino License is also known

So far it was also vague how much money the Australia casino license is going to cost precise. There was previously spoken of AU$ 500,000. In recent weeks it has been known how many companies really have to pay for a permit.

If you want to request a permit in the Australia you pay AU$ 45,000 for the inspection. You have always lost this amount regardless of whether you are approved or not. This amount is considerably higher in contrast to other casino licenses.

From Those Is the most expensive license in Europe so far. Companies pay AU$ 25,000 here. Incidentally, there are still costs that must be paid for the permit annually. In addition, casinos wear a percentage of their profit as extra contribution.

In the Australia it is not known whether the AU$ 45,000 is the only amount that casinos pay. There is a good chance that no contribution needs to be paid. The KSA achieves the income from the gambling tax that it will soon have to pay itself on behalf of the players.

Guarantee of AU$ 830,000 for online casinos

With the payment of AU$ 45,000, the casinos are unfortunately not yet. They must provide a guarantee to AU$ 830,000 upon approval. With the guarantee they show that they have enough finances to run an online casino.

The KSA further indicates that casinos should count on AU$ 1.6 million in the first year. The online casinos must indicate that they can apply this. Suppose a casino does not comply with the rules, the fines of the guarantee are collected.

The guarantee would also be used as online casinos do not adhere to the rules in paying gambling tax. It is an extra stick for the government behind the door that the casino is going to adhere to the rules.

Australia casino license is only a small part

Unfortunately it may be clear that the Australia casino license has been reserved for just a few casinos. Not every company has the financial resources to lay down a guarantee of AU$ 830,000.

According to the latest rumors, a large number of interested parties would have already appealed. On March 1, 2022 we will definitely know how many companies will log in. This is the start date that casinos can submit a request for a permit.

According to rumors, the Holland Casino will in any case submit an application. This company naturally has enough financial resources to set up an online casino. It will be further exciting which well-known online casinos will also report.