Published on March 31, 2022 in News

The Australia has been completely under the spell of the Corona virus in recent weeks. The Holland Casino and other places of entertainment must temporarily close their doors. Fortunately, players can still gamble online, but it is asking if this is fast in one Legal Australia Casino can.

Last year it was announced that the official license of the Australia is launched on 1 January 2022. The gambling authority needs a year to arrange the time to arrange everything, approve casinos and launch a license.

But the Corona Crisis unfortunately also contains a large part of the gaming authority at home. Part of the work can be arranged from home. But important meetings are now being postponed.

For still, January 1 seems feasible, but if the Corona Crisis lasts long, the gaming authority does not sure whether they will get the deadline. They let them know when presenting the annual report of the KSA Australia.

Postponing half a year is possible

During the presentation of the annual report, the KSA announced that a delay of half a year is an option. This would mean that the first legal Australia online casinos will only be launched on 1 June 2022.

Until then, the KSA is responsible for maintaining the existing rules. A few online casinos were warned for two weeks. They decided to make "abuse" from the Corona crisis and players to recreate online gambling.

The KSA plans to share fines as more online casinos cannot wait until they have a license. In addition, it can heavily along in the assessment whether they will indeed receive a license. With this the websites actually cut herself into the fingers.

What does a delay mean for the Australia players?

In principle, little would change for Australia players. The tolerated policy for foreign online casinos is retained. As long as players gamble safely and register neat at the tax authorities for paying gambling tax.

It would only be bored for most Australia players that they cannot play on a Australia gambling site yet. There are different players who are of course looking forward to this. Especially with the announcement of the new rules in 2022.

Holland Casino Online Let Passions Wait In Himm

Rumors have been expressed for a while that the Holland Casino is one of the first companies with a license. After all, they were a strong advocate of a license in the Australia, so that they can also legally set up an online casino.

Behind the scenes it would Holland casino Being in the deepest secret for a few years with an online website. It would be a shame if they can no new site launch due to delay by the Corona virus.

It has been waiting for whether the KSA is indeed not going to get the deadline. It naturally does not predict much good that she is already announcing this. While the deadline is continuing for almost a year.