Published on February 20, 2019 in News

Tuesday, February 19, 2019 has become an important day for Australia casinos online. Yesterday, in the Senate, voted in the First Chamber about the introduction of the Gambling Distance Act. Today we can report that the bill has been adopted and this will soon mean that Australia online casinos legally will be. Incidentally, it takes a minimum of a year before the first providers with a permit for offering games of chance via the internet will be active in the Australia. In an outward news item, the central government itself speaks in mid 2022. The big advantage of the new regulations, which is added to the law on games of chance, is that online gambling will become safer for consumers. They will be able to play at legal casinos that are directly supervised by Australia bodies.

Permits under strict conditions

After yesterday a majority of the Senate has agreed to the bill, it will soon be possible for casinos to apply for a permit for offering games of chance online. These permits will be granted under strict conditions. For example, the Australia has many stricter requirements in the field of addiction prevention, than other EU countries where online gambling is legalized. The duty of care to prevent gambling addiction will be in our country at the gambling providers. For example, they must cooperate in keeping track of the central registry exclusion gambling (Cranks). The Casinos active in the Australia Check the game behavior of their customers. These are some measures that must minimize the risk of addiction to gambling as much as possible.

Distance Gambling Act (KOA)

The bill that has now been adopted is the Remote Gambling Act (KOA). This describes the laws and regulations in the field of games of chance that can be played without physical . So gambling via the internet. It was highly necessary that laws and rules regarding the online casinos were introduced because so far the supply was, anywhere else 1.8 million Australia gamblers Using makes, still unregulated. The Gambling Act (Wok) in which the rules are now described for providers, is more than 60 years old and this is therefore not mentioned by the words Internet or Computer. As a result, the online gambling was therefore a gray area where Australia and European legislation were contradictory with each other. Fortunately, this uncertainty will soon come to an end.

What can gamblers expect now?

As stated, it takes a while before you can actually gamble at a legal Australia online casino. Although the central government speaks in mid-2020, it will sometimes be able to last longer before the first providers with a permit come online. The exact conditions for the permit applications must still be drawn up. Once these lower regulations have been elaborated, the first applications can be made and that must of course also be tested. The Gaming Authority (KSA) will be responsible for this task. This agency has already announced on their website to be very happy with the introduction of the new bill. They also indicate that until the period that legalization is actually a fact, they will continue to combat illegal supply. The KSA will also receive more powers for this combat.