Published on October 28, 2016 in News

Earlier this year, the Australia government announced that online gambling will become legalized soon. This adjustment to the Gambling Act was desperately needed. In the current legislation, nothing was described to regulate the range of online games of chance. This is therefore added to a new remote chance games. However, the amendment of the law was immediately a reason to liberalize the entire gambling market in the Australia. That is currently Holland Casino has a state monopoly. This makes the company the only thing Legal Casino from The Australia. This does not suit a country in the European Union where free trade should be central. The monopoly goes disappearing and Holland Casino will be split and sold.

Number of foreign companies show interest

Although the liberalization of the Australia gambling market is fairly late, a few foreign companies are still interested in the acquisition of the Holland Casino. Among these interested people, the American Caesars Palace is among others. This is one of the largest casinos in Las Vegas. This group also opened casino locations at other places in the world. Jan Jones from Caesers Palace tells in an interview with the NOS that she mainly sees a lot of potential in branches in the big cities. As an example, she mentions Maastricht, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Another party that shows interest is the German company Gauselmann Merkur. They currently have some play halls in the Australia and would like to add casinos there.

Splitting the casino for sale

After the approval of the new law, the cabinet has commissioned ING to prepare the sale of Holland Casino. The idea is now to split the state company for sale. Holland Casino currently has 14 branches spread through the Australia. The plan is to sell ten of these locations as one package. Four branches will be sold separately. In addition, the government also has two permits for new casinos to be built that they can sell to companies. How much this sale is coming up is still the question. Due to malfunction, the Holland Casino has made a loss of several million euros in 2010, 2012 and 2013. According to specialists, this is incredible that a casino has not been able to make a profit with a monopoly position in the Australia.

In addition, have been in recent years Australia online casinos Become more and more popular. The public that Holland Casino manages to attract is therefore increasing. Young people prefer to play a lot through a computer or smartphone their favorite casino game.