Published on 8 February 2017 in News

The opposite has been proven from two prejudices early this month. The first is that a progressive jackpot will never fall in the first days. The second prejudice is that you have no chance to win a mega jackpot at a Australia casino. Last Thursday 2 February a player knew about it Kroon Casino A jackpot to win on the brand new Netent Slot Divine Fortune. This is a progressive jackpot whose amount was at 319.087.68 euros when the lucky man or woman managed to spin the right combination. It is the first time that a jackpot with such a high amount in one of the Australia casinos If we have written a review here on the site. The chance is also great that this is a Australia winner because Kroon Casino is top Australia and mainly has people from our country as a customer. Although it is not a jackpot of several millions, the lucky winner will certainly be satisfied with more than 300,000 euros in his or her bank account.

Divine Fortune jackpot slot van Netent

The video slot where the jackpot has fallen on was Divine Fortune of Netent. If you have never heard of this game before, this is not alien. It is a brand new game that only has been in the game offer of the Netent casino´s is included. What is especially special about this lock, with a theme based on Greek mythology, is the fact that you have a chance to win one of the three progressive jackpots. These are Jackpots whose amount increases higher as more people play for real money. Normally people expect that it will take a few more weeks before the main prize will fall. This time this was not the case because a little six days later a player from Kroon Casino was the one who knew the Mega Jackpot. At that moment the jackpot had already achieved an amount of more than 319 thousand euros. This was mainly due to the fact that many online casinos had promotions around the release of this new video slot.

Mega Jackpot at a Australia casino

Another prejudice was that at a Australia online casino you would not have a chance to win a mega jackpot. If you look at the history of the Netent Jackpots then you could think. By far the most prize winners were in Scandinavian casinos. Occasionally it was also a British casino where a player managed to win a huge amount. The Kroon Casino now managed to break this curse. The very first Mega Jackpot of the Divine Fortune Slot is hopefully the start of a lot of beautiful things to come. Perhaps one of the millions of jackpots of NetEnt will also be won by a Australia casino player in the future. The Mega Fortune of Hall or God's Jackpot are always welcome in our country. Divine Fortune also has a chance to grow up to a video slot where prices of several millions of euros can be won. After all, after six days play a jackpot price of more than 3 tons. This is an increase of 50,000 euros per day of the greatest amount of money. Enough potential to also make a winner to multi-millionaire in the future. We are of course hope in a Australia online casino. The NetEnt Jackpot slots can also be played at Polder Casino and Fortune Casino.