Published on January 11, 2017 in News

A week in the new year the news was announced that a Australiaman has won 18 million euros with the Eurojackpot. In total, the main prize of the lottery amounted to 90 million euros. However, the Rotterdammer must share the price with five other people who have also guessed the right figures. The prize winners jointly come from the Australia, Germany and Denmark. They are given 18 million euros. A fifth part of the 90 million Jackpot. The man or woman who has won the immense amount will be able to handle the new year without financial concerns.

Bought the winning fate at Primera in Rotterdam

Up to now, little is known about the winner of the millions. We do know that the winning destiny with the numbers 07, 14, 23, 27, 35 and bonus numbers 3 and 5 has been purchased at a primera branch in Rotterdam. The owner of this store suspects that the winner will be between the large group of his regular customers. This group of fixed buyers from lots is getting bigger. It seems as if people who have their lots for the Eurojackpot are blessed with extra happiness. If you win a prize through this happiness, you must, by the way, return your lottery tickets to claim the price. This noticed the Rotterdammer Peter Driessen who bought a lot at the same store at which a price of no less than 76 million euros fell. However, the man was late by handing in his fate that makes him the price missing.

State lottery negative in the news by LotenChecker

The Eurojackpot is unique because people throughout Europe can buy a lot for this lottery. For a few 2 euros per lot you have a chance to win the jackpot that will always amount to more than 10 million euros. Every week there is a new draw on Friday. This makes it a lot cheaper to participate in the Eurojackpot than to the State Lottery Show. This lottery also got great in the news last week. However, this news was not as positive. It turned out that the Lottery Lottery tickets did not function properly. As a result, many people who checked their lottery tickets have been told right after old and new that they have won no prize while this turned out to be the case. It is hoped for these people that they have not torn away their expensive lots and thrown away.

Millions of winning by playing in a Australia Online Casino

Did you know that millions of prizes are also in the Australia casinos What we write reviews about this site? At the Netent casino’s For example, you can play the Mega Fortune videos clot. This online slot has several people multi-millionaire. The game therefore got the nickname the millionaire maker. The highest price ever paid at the lock came very close to the amount that the Rotterdam man has won with the Eurojackpot. This was over 17.8 million euros. In the time the price won, NetEnt has also earned an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. It was the highest price ever paid in an online casino. Since then, the Jackpot has no longer achieved this height. This is because the price falls regularly. You are therefore very likely more likely to win the Mega Fortune jackpot that the Eurojackpot. With an average main prize of 4.2 million euros still worth it. Just before Christmas, a British man knew the prize to win. It receives no less than 7.4 million euros on his bank account.

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