Published on May 20, 2017 in News

That you also have a chance to win one of the progressive Mega Jackpots on online video slots has been shown this month. A Australia woman has a price of no less than AU$ 1,945,884 at the weekend at the Major Millions Slot at Polder Casino. With this she has two records located in one fell swoop. Namely it is the largest jackpot that has ever been paid on this video slot. In addition, as far as we are known to us, the woman is also the first Australiaman who has won a price of more than a million euros at an online casino. That this price is now just at Polder Casino is no surprise in itself. It is now one of the most popular online casinos in the Australia. Also on our site the name Polder has been number 1 from the start in our List of top Australia casinos.

Details How the Jackpot has won

We say in the introductory paragraph that it does not come to us as a surprise that the enormous cash prize has fallen at the Polder Casino. For the woman who won the jackpot, this will be that way. From the details that have come out over the winner, we can tell us that the woman was only active at the online casino for a number of days. The chance is great that they still from the benefit of the Welcome bonus was enjoying. Perhaps the bets are placed with free money. After a few days playing at the casino, the woman decided to try his luck on the Major Millions slot from Microgaming. Here she played with 3 euro bet per spider when all the calls suddenly started ringing and the lucky Australia almost 2 million euros was richer. About the place of residence has only been announced that it is a woman from the south of our country.

Major Millions slot van Microgaming

The information that the winner of the huge jackpot played by 3 euros per spin we could have come up with. In order to make a chance to win this price at all, you have to play with a bet of 3 euros. The Major Millions Slot has a fixed commitment of 20 cents per payline with every spider. You can determine the number of win lines yourself. These are a maximum of 15 so that you play with a bet of 3 euros per spin. Because you can only win the largest jackpot when you have five major millions logos on the 15e Get payline is therefore the minimum bet that you must play. The woman can get very happy because the price of AU$ 1,945,884 is the highest jackpot ever paid to this slot. The game is normally not so known for millions of prices. Other slots that you can also find at Polder Casino are this.

Other Jackpot Slots at Polder Casino

As we said you, there are other slots that are available at Polder Casino where you can win much larger amounts. Maybe a hot streak starts at the Australia online casino and one of these prizes will soon be out here. Under the heading 'Jackpot' in the menu you can see an overview of all games with a progressive jackpot for you. On the page you can immediately see the current main prizes that can be won. For example, you see, for example, that the Hall or God's Jackpot is more than 5.6 million. Mega Fortune at 2.7 million and also MOGA MOOLAH Microgaming Slot at 3.2 million euros. By this particular story of the woman from the south of the Australia that can now call itself millionaire we know that you also have a chance to win as a brand new player of the casino on one of these jackpots. Therefore go to it now polder casino and create an account. You will then even get a 100 free spins bonus gift without depositing.