Published on May 5, 2018 in News

In the Australia, the name Endemol is known to everyone. The company of Joop van den Ende and John de Mol makes various very popular TV shows. International the name people will say a little less, but they are undoubtedly known to the TV shows produced by them. Namely, under the name Endemol Shine Group, various shows are brought to the tube in numerous countries. Consider, for example, world famous shows such as Masterchef, Big Brother, The Money Drop and Deal or No Deal. This last show is in the news at various online casino news sites at the end of last month. Namely, it has been brought out that Evolution gaming has closed a deal with Endemol to develop a live deal or NO Deal game.

Endemol Shine Gaming

What is also not known to everyone in the Australia is the fact that Endemol has also dealt with the development of online casino games for a number of years. They do this under the name Endemol Shine Gaming. The young developer has already had some online video slots in his name. The gaming offer is still very limited and also only with a select number Australia online casinos available. We have tried a number of games such as the Austin Powers Slot, and we have to say that they are of high quality and fun to play. With the right strategy we will undoubtedly see much more endemol slots in casinos in the future in the future. The collaboration with a big name as evolution gaming is at least a smart move from the company.

Live Deal or No Deal

Evolution gaming is a developer who is exclusively concerned with offering games in online live casino’s. They have different studios where real dealers and croupiers offer various casino games live 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The company is even market leader in this area and does not seem to be planning this position quickly. The range of games that they offer is many times larger than every competitor in this area. A live version of the Gaming Deal OR No Deal will soon be added to the game offer. In the Australia we have the game of the TV show presented by Linda de Mol and Beau van Erven Dorens. Participants must choose a suitcase that contains a sum of money. By playing other available suitcases, it is becoming increasingly clear which amount of money in the chosen suitcase is. The bank will therefore always release a bid on the suitcase. The player can take or refuse this deal.

Choose the suitcase and offered deal

The Principle of the TV show will certainly be held in the Live Casino version of the game. Fixed will be a way that several players can participate at the same time. If you as a participant want to accept a Deal Deal, then you will undoubtedly be played further with the players who have not yet done so. In any case, we seem like a very fun game to give a gamble. Certainly as a real person with a fun character presents the game. You can leave this to Evolution gaming that serves plenty of fun men and women to lead the casino games. Your chances to end with a profit will undoubtedly be less high than at the TV show. After all, you must first insert your own money to participate in the game. So you can also end with loss.

A provider where you can play the live dealer games from Evolution Gaming is Dunder Casino... View the wide range of different games that are available live here. In the future, a live deal Or No Deal game will also be added here.