Published on 4 February 2018 in News

Regular visitors to our website have noted that our list of top Australia casinos recalled again reclaims. The most striking change is that the list has a new number 1. This is now eskimo casino What you can also read a comprehensive review. The provider has different properties that ensure that they are more than earning this position in the list. One of these properties is the Casino claim that they offer the most friendly bonus system online. Is this really true? In the next news item we investigate further or this claim is based on truth.

Explanation Welcome bonus Setup

Eskimo Casino only has been around since the beginning of 2018. For this reason, little promotions have been offered. There is already one Welcome bonus To attract new players to the casino. This is a generous advantage what many people will be enough to create an account. They only get 10 free spins for registering without a deposit required for this. If you decide to deposit an amount on your account afterwards, more bonus advantage is on the view. You will receive a 100% free money bonus to a maximum of 100 euros over this first deposit and another 100 free spins. The spins can be played on six different video slots.

Friendly bonus conditions

When you read the page on the website with explanation of the welcome bonus and the conditions associated with this, then you read that the Casino makes the claim that they offer the most friendly bonus system of all online casinos. This claim comes from the fact that you only have to meet the bonus conditions when you also use the bonus money. First you play with the money you have dumped. Only when you have lost this comes the money from the bonus in game. From that moment you must meet the insert requirement. However, you earlier a prize with your own money, then you have the opportunity to cancel the bonus and to apply for a payment at any time.

Better than other online casinos?

It is quite a claim to say that your bonus system has the most friendly conditions of all competitors. The question therefore comes to whether this is really true. It must be said that providers operate online that you do not oblige to keep the bonus conditions. Even if you know to win your own money, you still have to use the amount of the bonus a minimum number of times before you can apply for a payout. However, if we read the terms of the best casinos that we recommend that we come to the conclusion that many providers apply about the same conditions as Eskimo Casino. Still a bonus that doesn't miss anything, but not so special if the casino wants to believe you.

Reason number 1 on our list

In itself it is understandable that the Eskimo Casino makes this claim. After all, they are a new casino that the struggle must deal with the existing players on the market. To attract new players, they therefore use normal marketing technology and they claim that they are better than the competitors. The people who decide to make use of the bonus will really not be disappointed. The offer is very good and the conditions are favorable. In addition, customer service and the game offering of exceptional quality is. You will find out soon enough if you first take a gamble on the website. And why wouldn't you do this? The casino offers a no deposit bonus From 10 Free Spins that you don't have to do for the registration process.