Published on 7 April 2017 in News

For a long time we have had no more about the Polder Challenge in the news reports on this site. Previously we regularly informed you when there was another chance to win extra money at the Australia casino. The last few months, however, other newsworthy messages have come into between every time, so we did not get to the weekly action at the Polder Casino. With today's news item we want to let you know that every week there is a new polder Challenge that you can win extra bonus money at the number 1 in our list of Dear Australia casinos. This week, for example, you can win 299 euros extra on the very popular NetEnt Slot Reel Rush.

Weekly challenge on a nett lock

For the people who have never heard of the Polder Challenge, it is useful to give a little more explanation here. This is a weekly challenge on a nett slot that you can win extra money at the polder casino. A new challenge will be issued every week on Monday. This can be, for example, spinning a certain combination symbols or achieving a level in the bonus game of a video slot. Do you know to fulfill the challenge then you win a nice amount of bonus money. This is extra money that you get on top of normal prices that you know to win on the online slot. Often you also get the money paid out with a reduced bet requirement. Instead of 30 times, for example, you need to use the bonus money won only 1 or 10 times to play it free.

Until Saturday 8 March Chance of 299 euros extra money

Also this week there is of course a new polder Challenge active. The promotion has always started on a Monday. The last day that you can still use the offer is therefore on Saturday 8 March. Tomorrow you have a whole day to win 299 euros extra on the Reel Rush Slot of Netent. To win this money you need to see the free spins mode twice on the slot. This is not so difficult but an extra requirement is that the second time free spins must be achieved within five spins from the previous one. You must also use at least 1 euro per spin to participate in the Challenge. The exact explanation of the promotion and conditions can be read on the Polder Casino site. Here you look under the buy news and promotions.

On this page, all other actions and bonuses of the casino are also announced. For example, there is also a lot every Friday Reload bonus To herald the weekend. On Sunday there is a free spins bonus for the active players where they can often get a number of free spins without depositing. The video slot on which the free spins are given away on Sunday is usually also the game where the new polder Challenge will be announced in the following day.