Published on November 27, 2017 in News

Due to the current state in which online casinos and gambling via the internet are located it is still difficult to imagine that around 20 years ago the possibility did not exist at all. In 2017, online gambling is expected to be good for a turnover of more than 50 billion. This growth is also expected to continue in the coming years. To give you an idea how the development has taken place in recent years and what golden times are still expecting us. With this news item we want to give an overview of the evolution of gambling online and our vision that still awaits us.

Legalization online gambling and first casinos

In 1994 on a small Caribbean island with the name Antigua and Barbuda by a government for the first time offering Gambling online legalized. This was the starting signal for many companies to set up their websites here. What exactly the first online casino was still open to discussion. According to Microgaming, they were the very first online casino with the website the gaming club. However, there are also people who believe that Intercasino was earlier online. It is clear that the developer Microgaming, which is still active. At the cradle has been from the online gambling as we know this now.

Introduction of Live Dealer Gambling

People who have experienced the start of the internet for consumers still remember the dial-up modems that you had to connect to the internet via a telephone line. The connections were incredibly slow and the online games of chance therefore had to be incredibly simple. With increasing internet speeds, more and more opportunities for the games of chance. Games with nicer animations and special features. A major change that subsequently took place was the introduction of live dealer games of chance online. Playtech was the first company that in 2003 a Live Casino made possible.

Fast development of the mobile casino

Casino games on mobile phones have been there since 2001. However, these were very simple games and it was also not possible to gamble with real money. Here it is very quickly changing when Apple introduces the first smartphone in 2007 with the iPhone. In 2008 the first Android smartphones will be marketed and the online casinos come very quickly with apps. You must install the mobile apps on your phone and with this you have access to online gambling. In 2010 this will be much better by HTML5, which makes it possible to via a Mobile casino Now also play the same games via a browser on your phone. Without having to download an app first.

What is possible to come in the future

In any case, it is clear that the growth of gambling will continue online. Certainly we will also see a considerable growth in the Australia. After all, the House of Representatives has already announced that a legalization and a Australia casino license is coming. Where also high expectations are the use of the Virtual Reality technique for online gambling. The first developers are already taking tests and new developments in this area follow each other in rapid train. The expectation is that you can really immerse yourself in a virtual casino world in a few years.