Published on July 23, 2018 in News

Gambling with live dealers via the internet becomes increasingly popular. The online casinos therefore also put a lot of money in the development of these games. For example, NetEnt has not been taken to ensure that the live casino games can now all go through mobile Being able to be played. However, there is another company the absolute market leader in this area. Evolution gaming only specializes in facilitating online games of chance with live dealers. This specialization ensures that it grows enormously and with that the competition seemingly leaving behind. This appears, among other things, from the quarterly figures that the company announced last week to its investors. The profit and turnover figures from the second quarter of 2018 were many times better than financial analysts expected. A substantial increase in the share of the stock exchange was therefore the result.

Figures second quarter 2018

Listed companies announce the figures every quarter that the previous three months have been achieved. At Evolution Gaming they were unlikely to wait to share the good news with their investors, because on July 18 they came out with quarterly figures that everyone surprised. For example, 40% more revenue was achieved than a year earlier in the same quarter. No less than 59.3 million euros managed to convert the company. EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) amounted to 26.2 million euros and this was also an increase of 36% compared to 2017. Net 20.1 million euros was achieved in three months. The number of full-time employees employed by the company has also grown with almost a thousand and is now 3425. The figures fall out of several million higher than analysts had expected.

Market leader Live casino games

Evolution gaming is the market leader in games for online live casino’s. This is the section in the online casino where you can gamble with real dealers via a live video connection. Actually every casino that is active on the internet is using the Evolution Gaming or NetEnt software. Seen worldwide, Evolution gaming has a many times larger range. They therefore offer a much broader game offer. Where you can choose from three different blackjack games and two roulette games, the offer in live casinos of the competitor is much more extensive. You can choose from dozens of tables here and also games such as poker and baccarat are offered with live dealers. This ensures that many players are happy to play in these live casinos and continue to expand the market share of the company. According to the CEO Martin Carlesund, the Swedish company expects that when current growth continues, more than 500 tables will be live at the end of the year.

Online casino’s met Evolution Gaming

As a market leader in live dealer games you will expect it to be not difficult to find a casino where you can play it. This is also not, but Australia casinos also often opt for the NetEnt Live option. The last trend that we see online at the best providers of games of chance is that they make the live casino possible with a combination of both software providers. This is the case, for example, Dunder Casino... They offer games with real dealers and croupiers from both Evolution Gaming and Netent. If you are not yet familiar with the company, this is a good opportunity for you to porate both options to see which is the best. What you will certainly like is the large selection of different games and if you want to play poker or baccarat live, then it's the only possibility.