Published on December 23, 2016 in News

Many people in the Australia have been free from their work at Christmas. Moreover, there is often not much to do in the weekend of Christmas. Most people spend these days to spend time with their family and other loved ones. At the end of December it also means that it will be very cold outside. The result of these circumstances is that we will spend a lot of indoors for free days around this time. This makes it a good time to log in to your account at an online casino and a chance. It does not come as a surprise that many Australia casinos set up a special Christmas promotion to persuade even more people to do this. At the polder casino and clover casino you can get a lot of extra benefit with Christmas, making it very interesting to gamble here.

20 Days Promotions at Klaver Casino

Both Christmas promotions at these two Australia casinos have been busy for a while. For example, at clover casino they had a promotion every day in December 20 days. From today there are four promotions about it and these are not the least. For example, you can use one today, on Friday 23 December Parliamentary bonus of 35%. The first deposit of the day will be increased by 35% to an amount of up to 100 euros. Tomorrow, on Saturday 24 December, a betting bonus is active. With this promotion you get to every 400 euros that you bet in the casino 10 euros in bonus. Each player can use 10 times to use so that you can get a maximum of 100 euros in bonus money. On Christmas Day, Sunday December 25, you can use two benefits. For example, there is a deposit bonus of 25% and free spins are ready for you on the Secrets or Christmas slot from Netent. On Boxing Day, Monday 26 December, the promotion is the same as the day before. Again you can play free spins on the Secrets or Christmas slot. The deposit bonus is increased again this day to a percentage of 35%.

The Advent calendar of Polder Casino

At Polder Casino, a similar action is going on in December that continues to Christmas. Here there are even 25 days of long promotions. At the Australia online casino they call this the Advent calendar. These are the calendars on which you count down the days until Christmas. Every day you open a box and find a chocolate behind it. At the Advent calendar of Polder Casino you will find another promotion every day. So you never know what bonus will be in advance. Today there is a promotion where you get out of three different ones Free Spins Bonuses Can choose. For example, if you deposit 10 euros then you get 10 free spins for the Fruit Shop Christmas Edition Slot. If you pour it 20 euros, you get 10 superpins on the Secrets or Christmas slot that have a value of 1 euro per piece. The last option is to deposit 50 euros or more. In return you get 10 samples with a value of 3 euros each on the Flowers Christmas Edition Slot. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow there are new promotions that we do not yet know what they are going. We do expect that the closer to Christmas we will get the promotions more valuable.

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