Published on 12 June 2018 in News

Last week very sad news was brought out by the De Gelderlander newspaper. They reported about a robbery that had taken place earlier on 10 March. The reason that this news was not announced in June is that the police have now finally released images from the perpetrator. Now you might think we are on this site with Reviews of Australia Casino's Online Posts about a robbery that took place in Gelderland. However, this becomes clear if we tell you more details about the crime. This is about a woman who had won a jackpot in a casino in Nijmegen and that the same day of her prize money has been robbed.

Wallet stolen after winning bingo jackpot

On March 10 of 2018, a 78-year-old woman in a branch of Jack's Casino in Nijmegen has lucky enough to win the Jackpot while playing Bingo. No fewer than 1500 euros were in the prize pool at that time. However, the happiness of the woman has not lasted long. She decided to gamble further on one of the slots in the establishment. While she was on a chair behind the slot machine, a man comes right behind her and secretly steals the full wallet from the woman's jacket. Here he quickly tackles the money and then stops the empty wallet in the bag. The theft is only noticed by the woman if she wins a small amount of money on the slot machine and wants to stop this amount in her wallet.

Police have first tips about perpetrator

It will not surprise you that the casino site is full of cameras. After all, a lot of money is played on the games of chance. The man of the theft on the 78-year-old female bingo jackpot winner is therefore very clear on various camera images with his face. This was apparently not enough for the police to find the perpetrator. They therefore call the help of the Gelderse population to help them with the search. The police have already announced that they have received the first useful tips. Hopefully they will soon find the perpetrator because an older woman robs who has just had lucky to win a great amount of money is a very low deed.

Safely pay out your prices at an online casino

It may be acid to say after a nasty experience as a robbery, but this could never have been able to take place in an online casino. Gamblers can simply play here from their own home. If they know a Jackpot with a large amount of money to win, they can have it directly to the bank account. A deposit to you credit card is also possible. You never have to walk over the street with a large amount of cash. There will also be no large group of strangers around you when you know a Jackpot. All properties that can prevent a robbery like the woman in Nijmegen.