Published on October 12, 2018 in News

That we are from NCR large fans of the online casino games from NetEnt will not be a secret for the loyal visitors to our website. It is also difficult to not be a developer lover because they make clear games that are of the highest quality and, moreover, as a gambler you also enjoy high payout percentages. When a new video slot is announced that will soon be in Netent casino’s If it will appear online, we regularly pay attention to this in our news items. Two weeks ago, for example, we reported that the Double Stacks videoslot It was available in various Australia online casinos. This time we are going to talk about a game that still has to be released. However, NetEnt has already published the first images of the Vikings video slot on their official Youtube channel.

* The video can also be viewed at the bottom of this page.

Based on Netflix series

The Vikings video slot is based on the popular Netflix series with the same name. The series was first broadcast on The History Channel but has since moved to the on-demand service. Vikings tells the story of various viking clans going on raids through the world and experience all kinds of adventures. The series gives you a good idea of what the world would have seen in the time that the Vikings ruled about the north of Europe. The main characters from the series, but also the unique atmosphere of this, can also be seen in the video slot. If you are a fan of the series then after watching the trailer you will certainly share this opinion with us.

Extra effort for Scandinavian theme

Maybe you didn't know yet, but NetEnt has originally a Swedish company. Many people who work at the developer are therefore from Swedish descent. They will undoubtedly feel a connection with the Vikings that also come from Scandinavia. The first images of the video lock that have now been released have impressed us so that we suspect that the employees of just entertainment for this game with Scandinavian theme have just given a little extra effort to realize a nice end result. The animations look so licked out and the colors and sound effects are exactly the right atmosphere.

Packed with special features

The amazing animations and exciting soundtrack is actually reason enough to play the Vikings slot. However, the game is also packed with special features. These features make playing more fun and also give you the opportunity to drag enormous prices. The standard closing game is a five-roll playing field with three rows of symbols and 243 win ways to make combinations. Here you can already win great prizes with a special scatter function that changed symbols in the same kind. Shields can also appear on the roles and that will always produce a cash prize. However, the real big profit can be achieved with the RAID FREE spins. During this feature, the playing field changes into 7 rolls with five rows of symbols each. There are then no fewer than 78,1225 ways to make winning combinations.

Release will certainly be accompanied by bonuses

An official date for the release of the Vikings videos lock is not yet announced. There are rumors that the game will be released online at the end of next month. Here we are already looking forward to it. If we see how much time and attention has been invested in the development of this gambling, we know for sure that the release will be accompanied by the necessary Free Spins Bonuses. We are of course ready to transfer a few tens to different casinos and to earn dozens of or even hundreds of free spins. The hope is of course that we have a nice profit here. What we know for sure is that we are going to experience a good time while playing the lock.