Published on March 19, 2018 in News

If you want to know which lectur's video slots will be released soon, you must monitor the official YouTube channel of the developer. Here are regular videos in which a preview can be seen from a slot that will not be much later available to the Netent casino’s online. At the beginning of this month, the announcement of the Archangels was published on the canal: Salvation videos slot. The preview video of the game can be viewed at the bottom of this message. What you will immediately stand out is the huge playing field. No fewer than six rows with twelve rows. With so many symbols you naturally also need more win lines to make combinations. Specially is that Archangels is the first video slot with 100 paylines. But is this good development? In today's message we give our opinion.

NetEnt continues to refresh with features

The developers who are employed by NetEnt must have an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The company remains renewed with special features with every new video slot. Even after hundreds of different games, they always get to come up with something new. So this time a lock with 100 paylines and a playing field of six rolls with twelve rows of symbols. There are also two different hot spot areas on the playing field. These are related to the good and bad angels that are on either side of the rollers. The moment a wild symbol in these areas comes to stand then this will activate a special feature where you can grab high prices. The same goes for the Free Spins MODE that allows you to spin until 25 times the slot machine. Where everyone will agree, Archangels: Salvation is a slot as we have never seen before.

Cons of so many different paylines

Our opinion about the integration of so many different paylines is something that might not agree with it. We believe that the large playing field with the number of paylines makes the game unclear. When spinning the roles you don't really have an idea whether you will win a prize or not. They are too many paylines to keep up with well. Only when the roles have come to a halt then you only see the symbols that light up or you have won a prize. Players who love the flashy lights and popping sound effects when winning a price maybe this may see as a . After almost every spider, various effects will provide the necessary fireworks. In fact, it is best that we all went to try the video slot yourself when it is available at the online casinos. For now we only have the video below to base our opinion.

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