Published on March 6, 2022 in News

2022 is already three months on the road and it is time to start winning. You make the best chance to win by playing slots on one of the high payout. In 2022, NetEnt naturally has a few titles with a high payout percentage.

The payout percentage is indicated in the form of RTP. This stands for Return to Player and indicates at least the percent of players at least their bet. In short, the percentages that you have to keep in mind in it casino.

This percentage must be at least 80%, but the percentage is higher in a number of slots. These are the slots where you still have to play on this year. Who knows you then take the first major profit of 2022.

Mega Joker

The slot machine with the highest payout on the internet is a few years in a row of Mega Joker. It is an old slot machine with a very high payout percentage. In fact you will not come across one with a higher percentage.

If you do not intend to lose in 2022, then Mega Joker is worth it. We only have to mention that most profit thanks to the Supermeter Feature are achieved.

So mainly turn over the basic game and immediately go for the above game in Mega Joker. You then know that the 99% can be achieved. Who knows you are the first to drag a nice amount.

Blood Sucker

Blood sucker finally got a follow-up last year because of the high popularity. But the game became especially popular due to the high payout percentage. Blood Sucker knows how to achieve a percentage of 98%.

The new part Blood Suckers 2 looks a lot better in graphics, but NetEnt won the RTP percentage down. 96.94% of course not wrong, but not as high as the original Blood Suckers.

Jackpot 6000

Again there is a classic slot machine from the list of high RTP slots from NetEnt in 2022. Jackpot 6000 knows with 98.86% even higher to finish even higher than Blood Sucker.

Jackpot 6000 may be no Blood Sucker in graphics, but the high RTP makes a lot good. We are happy to take a gamble on the classic slot machine of NetEnt.

Devils Delight

If you love high RTP slots, you actually come out quite quickly at the Classics of Netent. We also see this with Devils Delight. The slot machine knows how to finish high with 97.6%.

Devils Delight is not a lot of graphics and also does not have the highest payout. But you can win some money with it thanks to a payout percentage of 97.6%. This makes a gamble worth knowing.

Jack Hammer 2

Personally we have been a fan of the video slot Jack Hammer for years. We were therefore enthusiastic then NetENt announced with Jack Hammer 2 to appear. The slot machine knew the RTP to scaling a little further up to 97.1%.

The previous Jack Hammer slot was good for an RTP of 97%. Yet the Jack Hammer 2 makes a lot of good with his updated graphics. We also recommend that you manage to play a real 2022 game with Jack Hammer 2.