Published on August 13, 2018 in News

On a website for insiders of the online gambling world we only found an interesting article written by one of the founders of Mr Green casino. In the article the man complain about the Bonuses that offer online casinos. In the first instance we thought: yes, that's that the owner of an online casino would rather not give too many benefits to his players. However, if we read about what he all has to say, we still have to give him equal. Mikael Pawlo opens the article that James Bond did not need bonuses to entertain himself in the casino. After all, the fictional secret agent had other motives to take place at the play tables. But this aside. Where the CEO of one of the most popular casinos is right is that the online games of chance providers nowadays have little imagination with their marketing. The only thing they try to do is offer a higher bonus than the competitor to attract players.

And more and higher bonuses

According to Mikael Pawlo, the problem with the bonuses that it is constantly being offered and higher. The casinos just seem to compete for those who can offer the highest amount of free money with their bonus. This is how people try to win the competition. If you are registered with multiple casinos, you notice that this claim is also based on truth. Every week you get from the different gambling sites emails with offers that will all sound about the same. If you still make a deposit today, you will receive a percentage of free money or a quantity of free spins. Of course we also use these promotions and preferably at the casino with the best offer of course. The CEO of Mr Green has the right to speak, because this online casino has become successful by tackling the marketing just slightly other than others. For example, the site is unique and the man stays in the green suit as a fictional boss of the establishment in your memory.

A casino bonus is not always what it seems

Although casinos are constantly relieving higher amounts and more free spins, a bonus is not always what it seems. We cannot make the statement that the bonus where you get the most money free also gets the best offer. This is because depending on the conditions that are made to the promotion. Something that Mikael Pawlo also complained in his article. He also sees the trend that conditions, such as the Wagering Requirement, becoming increasingly higher together with the amounts that you can get for free. The immensely high wagering requirement makes it almost impossible for players to free the bonus money. You don't have much to these bonuses. A welcome bonus where you get less benefit, but where it is easier to pay the profit from it, of course much more cosable.

Smart gamblers say no no to free money

The opinion of the founder of Mr Green is to understand and we agree with the man. However, we also consider ourselves as smart gamblers and a smart gambler says no no to free money. Certainly not if the conditions are also beneficial, so that we can handle some money. Of us, the current situation does not have to change. If we can make a great profit with the help of a bonus, we also feel ourselves as a true James Bond. Take the No Deposit Bonus, for example eskimo casino. Here you can already get a number of free spins without dumping at a registration and again 100 free spins + a 100% bonus with your first deposit. You can't say no to that.