Published on March 27, 2022 in News

Banco of Baccarat Comes absolutely in third place as the most popular table game in the online casino. The game is less known in contrast to blackjack or roulette. Yet it is no less exciting to play.

Punto Banco is just like Blackjack a card game. Only you do not pull the cards yourself this time. Tickets are drawn in up to three rounds. The player or bank must try to reach the 9 points as close as possible.

The player puts his money on the couch, player or draw. So you have to predict who will win soon. Sounds simple, but unfortunately this is still wrong. We have listed the four most made mistakes.


I think this is the most made mistake at Punto Banco. Tie has a payout of 8 times the commitment. Of course this sounds interesting to give up a gamble. But the chance that a draw falls is quite small.

The chance that the player or croupier wins is 48%. Only 4% of all situations ends the game in a draw. Yet a lot of players bet because of the high payout. Our tip is not doing this!

For the highest winkel you can best bet on the bank. The bank wins in proportion as slightly more often than the player. In short, make money in this.

Gambling while you don't know the game

Punto Banco sounds like a game that is worth playing. But you have never played it before. Yet your money puts it on it. You think you don't have to understand the game rules to win.

Unfortunately, players lose quite quickly if they do this. They don't know how the game works and proceeds. As a result, they bet faster on the wrong player. Of course you can bet on the couch with our tip. But whether this will really save you is the question.

Use too much money per round

This is not just a common mistake at Punto Banco, but also with other games. We will soon become enthusiastic about the game. As a result, we are going to work more and more money. Unfortunately, after a few losses we have already been through our budget.

Budget your rounds that you can absorb losses and can bet your profit in a nice amount. You do this by using a maximum of 5% of your budget per round. If necessary, start with 1% and doubles a few times.

You can double insert with every loss. Chances are that you win out of 5%. With the win you can get a nice amount as a gift and make you lose well in one go. You can possibly be a Use welcome bonus To increase your commitment to Punto Banco.

Stop playing too late

This is also a tip that is not only valid for Punto Banco. Players regularly continue with this game. As a result, they really lose everything. The profit that they have built up has disappeared in one go.

Prevent you to stop playing and set a profit goal in advance. This can be a maximum of 20% of your total budget. If you have achieved this amount, you stop playing and play another game. This way you prevent you to speech with Punto Banco for too long. There is always a turning point where you lose everything. You must prevent this point.