Published on September 10, 2017 in News

More and more people in the world (and therefore also Australia) buy and use Bitcoin as an online payment method. Bitcoin is a virtual currency that is completely anonymous. The virtual currency has often been in the news in recent months because the value has increased several times to record high. These strong increases in value have ensured that more and more people have invested their money in the currency. If you also have Bitcoin on your name, or would like to buy and multiply. Then you can consider a gamble to Play casino. This is an online casino where you can gamble with Bitcoin. How to do this exactly, we explain in this news item.

Bitcoin en Real Money casino

Play Casino is a special provider of games of chance online. On the website you can read that they are a bitcoin and real money casino. This means that you can simply pay and gamble with euros, dollars or other currencies. You also have the option to pay with Bitcoin. You can therefore bet this while gambling with the different games in the casino. At the moment, gambling with bitcoin is still quite new. Only a few online casinos accept the digital currency. In addition, not all games can be played on the site with Bitcoin. Until now there are only a few reliable developers of casino games that offer gambling with the currency. You can play the video slots from Amatic with Bitcoin. In the play offer from Play Casino you must pay attention to the Bitcoin sign indicated in an orange round at the top right. You see this symbol then this means that you can gamble with the game by deploying the virtual coin.

Free Bitcoin win or buy online

Handy at Play Casino is that they also provide clear instructions on the site how you can buy Bitcoin or even win it for free. On the site you can see a link to the right of the right with the words How to Get Bitcoin? If you click this then you will see that obtaining the coin is possible in two ways. For example, you can buy this with Cubits. This service allows you to purchase Bitcoin through your bank account, credit card or one of the other payment methods against a favorable course. You can then also transfer these coins to the online casino. A second possibility that you get from Play Casino is perhaps even more interesting. There is also a way to win free bitcoin by playing a so-called faucet game. How this works is quite vaguely described and we can imagine that it will take a long time before you can get a great value to the currency together. It is best to buy the bitcoin and if you know more to win in the online casino by gambling and the coin increases even further in the coming time then you will be able to bring in a very large profit.

Also good to know is that with Bitcoin you just of the Welcome bonus Can use.