Published on July 31, 2019 in News

If you are looking for GOK strategies via Google, you will receive thousands of results. For games of chance in the casino, hundreds of different strategies have been considered over the years. Some of these are almost as old as the casino game itself. It shows that since the emergence of gambling, people think about ways to improve their chances for the games. However, not every strategy succeeds in achieving this goal. With the three gambling strategies below you really make a difference on your chances.

Misleading gamble strategies

Although this claim is often made on the internet, the reality is that most gambling strategies have no influence on your chances of winning. A good example of this is the martingal strategy that is mainly used for roulette, but can also be applied to other gambling. This Betting system prescribes that at every losing round you have to double your bet until you know a round again. A few times a profit ensures that you have made up for all previous losses at once. However, the strategy does not change your chances of winning. Sometimes the claim is made on websites that it is a watertight strategy that you can never lose if you only have enough money to remember your bets. However, the reality is that you should be lucky not to walk on a long series of losses.

Bankroll management

The most important strategy that you can learn as a gambler is bankroll management. What we mean by this is that you are smart with the money that you take to gamble. We also call this amount your bankroll. Smart managing your bankroll means, among other things, determining in advance how much money you want to lose maximum. You then choose a betting limit where you no longer have any money after a few losses to bet. A part of bankroll management is also a profit objective. You consider what profit you are satisfied and if this is achieved then you stop for that day.

Basic Strategy Blackjack

There are few games of chance where the decisions that gamblers take during the game also have a direct influence on your chances. An exception to this rule is blackjack. At this card game you bet a bet before you start, but after sharing the first two cards you can still make various decisions. For example, it is possible to raise your bet if you choose to double or to split the cards. Whether or not an additional card ask has a major influence on your chances of winning. By keeping the basic blackjack strategy you always make the mathematical right decisions that give you the best chances of winning.

Use Online Casino Bonuses

This strategy actually only has been around for several years. Since that the first casinos appeared online where you can gamble with real money. Because the competition on the internet is large, online casinos offer all kinds of extras to attract gamblers. Free Spins for online video slots or hundreds of euros in free money are given away with Online casino bonuses. A strategy that you can bet is therefore to use as much as possible. If you can gamble with free money, this naturally has an impact on your chances. After all, you can place more bets while you risk the same money and the advantage of the casino also remains the same.