You can easily play a casino with a bank transfer Torture money and record your profit. There is almost no online casino to find that this payment method does not offer on its website. Nowadays you can choose a casino from many different payment services. Credit cards, e-wallets and payment apps are all ready for you. Yet bank transfers are an attractive option for many gamblers. For example, you do not need an account, you can also transfer high amounts, and it is a trusted way of internet banking. There are also a few negatives: a transaction via bank transfer can, for example, take a few working days. In this article we tell you everything about online gambling and payments with bank transfers.

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How does a bank transfer work

The bank transfer is the most used way in the Australia and Belgium (together with the debit card) to pay without cash. In other countries, for example the US, choques and credit cards are used much more often.

With a bank transfer, the customer of a bank gives his bank the assignment to transfer a certain amount to a counter statement. The credit is debited by the bank from the customer's account. Then it is added to the balance of the counter statement. The holder of that account can also be connected to another bank. Australia and international banks work together to make these payments fluent.

A bank transfer can take place via a paper translation form, on which a number of data must then be entered. If you pay at an online casino, enter this information on a digital form. Such a payment is a form of internet banking.

Transfer money via a bank transfer

You naturally make online gambling for money! If you are going to play for real money at an online casino, you can earn high profits. Playing is also much more exciting and more fun than playing for bacon and beans. Most gamblers will say that money bets and win (and losses) are an important part of their playing experience.

To play for money at an online casino, you can transfer money from your bank account. You deposit that money to your own unique casino account that you first create.

Torture money

Within the online environment of your account you can see the possibility to deposit money. You then select the amount that you want to deposit, and the method that you want to use for it. Select "Bank Transfer" (bank transfer). What the minimum and maximum deposit amount that you can do is differs per casino and payment method. You can often do deposits from AU$ 10 or AU$ 20, up to and including the amounts of thousands of euros at the same time.

You are now brought to the digital environment of your own bank. Then enter the requested data on the digital bank transmission form. Among other things, your full IBAN number that you can find at your own bank. Please note: because most casinos are registered abroad (Malta, Sweden, the UK) it is an international transaction. So select "New international transfer" (or a comparable term) in the menu.

If you verify the transfer (confirm), the bank will work for you. The money is on your account after a while. With this game money you can then join all the games of the casino. So with the slots, fruit machines, table games such as roulette, blackjack and poker, the popular live games and more. You will receive the entire amount that you have completed. Almost every online casino takes the transaction costs (if there are) for his account. So you do not pay additional costs!

Record casino profits

At one point you will want to put the profit that you have achieved at the casino games at your bank account. So that you can go shopping, eating out, buy anything at a web store or do something else fun with it. Here too it differs per casino what the minimum and maximum amounts are that you can record. And even now the casino does not always pay the transaction costs for you!

A bank transfer is one of the most used ways to include casino gains. There are many transaction services with which you can use money, but no money can record. This applies, for example iDEAL, paysafecard And lots of popular payment apps. To be able to enjoy your profit from you, the old-fashioned bank transfer comes around the corner.

Record money via a bank transfer

Go to your account on the website of the casino. Indicate that you want to record money ("Payment Request"). Complete the amount that you want to record, and that you want to do that via a bank transfer. Even now you enter your full IBAN number.

Verify the transfer. The casino now goes to work for you. When bank transfer, it can take 24 hours to a few working days before the requested amount is on your bank account.

The advantages and disadvantages of a bank transfer

Compared to the other transaction services that you can use, the bank transfer has a few benefits and also a few disadvantages. These are the most important and negatives of a bank transfer casino transaction.


  • For most people a bank transfer is a trusted payment method.
  • You do not have to create an account, request new payment cards or perform other complicated operations. Everyone with a Australia checking account can perform or accept a bank transfer.
  • Almost every casino that is open to Australia gamblers offers this paid service.
  • The security of bank transfers is good. The online payment page of the casino in which you pay is strictly encrypted. It is almost impossible for an outsider to intercept your balance or personal data.
  • If you pay with this service, you usually have the right to the casino bonuses that casinos often hand out. You don't have that with some other transaction services (for example e-wallets).


  • Bank transfers last a long time - several hours and sometimes even several working days. With some other transaction services, such as iDEAL, the transaction takes place within minutes or seconds.
  • A bank transfer is pretty much work - you need to enter and verify more data with, for example, with a credit card payment.
  • Sometimes the limits for bank transfers are less favorable than those for other payment services. For example, you may only have amounts deposited from AU$ 500 with a payout. This also differs from every online casino. Enough websites are happy to use the same limits for bank transfers as with other payment services.

Is this payment method safe?

Most large online casinos are well secured and do everything to protect their customers. A scandal (by, for example, a hack or theft), a gambling site can easily cost the head. A lot of customers then take the legs, so that the casino is hugely missing a lot of income. That is why gambling sites invest heavily in their online security. They ensure heavy security protocols and encryption for their customer accounts and payment services. Do you want to be sure that a casino is reliable and honest? Then look if they have a license (permit) of the Malta Gaming Authority. That is a large and strict supervisor of online casinos. The Casino is constantly checked by the MGA on its integrity, its security measures and are committed to safe and conscious gambling behavior.

Alternative payment methods

Would you rather not deposit money with a bank transfer? Of course there are alternatives. Fortunately, online casinos offer many other options to pay and record money. Some gambling sites offer twenty different payment services on their website. Here you can see a list of the alternative services that you can use.

  • Banking transactiediensten (Trustly, IDEAL) - These are modern, easy and very fast ways to pay online.
  • Creditcards (Mastercard, Visa, sometimes American Express and Maestro) - with a Credit card can quickly deposit and record you quickly. You will then usually pay interest on the debt that you build up on the map.
  • Prepaid payment cards (Paysafecard, Ukash) - These are one-time use cards. You buy them in the store or online, and writes the credit online to a web store or casino.
  • E-wallets (Skrill, Netelller, Ecopayz) - Safe online accounts on which you can deposit money and with which you can record money.
  • Infenship ( Idebis ; Klarna., AfterPay, Insteadbit, Zimpler, etc.) - Unique services, each with their own form and advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes you pay credit or afterwards.

High casino receiving bonuses

We already had it about the reasons why you would play for money at a gambling site. You can earn high profits, it is more exciting and much more fun. But there is still a good reason to play for real money. There are many casinos on the internet. They all want as many new players as possible - and they try to keep their existing customers happy. To do that, they share high premiums to people who start to play for money. Keep this in mind when your game money deposits through a bank account. The amount of free credit that you get to your first deposit can be worth more than 1000 euros! So take a look before you always visit ours Casino Bonuses Page for the Latest welcome bonuses.

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Extra information about bank transfers

📆 Can you start online gambling with a bank transfer?

No Unfortunately, you really have to wait until the amount is credited to the casino. Because most online casinos are located abroad, this can soon take 5 to 7 business days.

💳 Is there an alternative that can transfer money faster?

There are different alternatives in the online casino. For example, you can quickly transfer money with iDEAL, Trustly, Klarna or the Paysafecard. Via Klarna you can also pay with a bank transfer, but Klarna goes for the amount. You can immediately start playing.

💰 Can you also allow money from a bank transfer?

Yes this is possible in most online casinos. Keep in mind that the minimum payment is higher. In some online casinos you can only pay off AU$ 500 if you choose a bank transfer. This has to do with the high transaction costs for a foreign transfer.

📤 Do I have to contribute to the transaction costs myself?

Most online casinos choose to have you deposited or pay out a minimum amount. As a result, you do not have to pay transaction costs.

🔐 Is it safe to transfer money to an online casino?

Yes it is a safe payment method in principle. The casino cannot abuse your data and you leave no personal information. For your partner it is often anonymous because the name of the online casino does not come to your copy. The only drawback is that you can make a mistake with, for example, completing the bank account number. So make sure that the money does not end up!