Published on 13 February 2022 in News

Gambleeaware focuses on gambling addiction on behalf of Great Britain at online gambling. Players can go to this organization if they suffer from an addiction. They therefore have a close relationship with the UKGC. This is the Official Casino License from Great Britain.

Gambleeaware is also concerned with the prevention of a gambling addiction. Of course they do not do this alone, but also together with online casinos and software suppliers. They regularly give advice and sometimes they are also made mandatory by the UKGC.

In recent weeks they have done research with a special test group to the deposit limits in the online casino. This research was done for the prevention of a gambling addiction in an online casino.

What is a deposit limit in an online casino?

As a player you always get the option to set your own limit. Normally there is already a limit from the casino. This is an amount that you can deposit a maximum per day. But sometimes you feel that you as a player lose control. You give up much more money than your intention was.

To get back control again you can set a limit online. In the online casino you can indicate that you want to deposit a maximum of AU$ 5 per day. Or that you want to deposit a maximum of AU$ 1,000 a month. You can set this limit with a dropdown menu. In this last part, the great danger shivers from recent research.

Players choose a high amount faster with a dropdown menu

The entire idea behind a deposit limit is that players indicate their own limit. How much money can you met iDeal miss a maximum of month? By asking yourself this question you will never go over the limit. You prevent your debts to build up or spend too much money at a casino.

But instead that players indicate their border yourself there is a dropdown menu. Most casinos start the menu with the highest amount. For example AU$ 5,000, AU$ 1,000, AU$ 500, AU$ 100 or AU$ 5. A player may indicate what his limit per day per week or per month.

Research shows that through this proposal, players quickly quickly click the highest amount. They immediately set the limit to the highest amount because it is first indicated. This is apparent from the tests that Gambleeaware has carried out among players.

Let players fill in their own limit yourself

Gambleeaware let a number of players in one Play online casino where you can enter the limit yourself. What turned out? Players filled up to 45% less money than with a dropdown menu. Instead of AU$ 5,000, the limit was now set at AU$ 2,500 per month or less.

The conclusion is that the blank method works much better. Players set a lower limit and this can prevent a lot of debts. A blank field also gives players the freedom to indicate their own personal limit.

The online casinos currently working with a drop-down menu have not yet responded to the result. The investigation was made with 1,700 British and seems to give a clear result.