Published on 12 February 2022 in News

The big advantage of the Next legalization of online gambling In our country, that is also a better supervision of the providers of games of chance on the internet. The vast majority of legislation and regulations entered are intended to protect us consumers. For example for the dangers to get addicted to gambling. At present, no rules have yet been drawn up in the Australia that online casinos have to adhere to. Incidentally The most reliable gambling providers Neatly the rules after from countries where they have now obtained a license, such as Malta. However, the law may well be more stricter to ensure that gambling addictions can be discovered at an earlier stage or that people are able to catch themselves if they exceed a certain limit.

New regulations at Zuiderburen

In Belgium has been a legislation since 1999 with which the range of games of chance is regulated online. The law was certainly not perfectly perfect from the start and that is why it has become more stricter over the years and new rules have been added. The last line to which casinos serves online is that they have to show players a warning every 10 minutes. The purpose of this is to point to players on their own gambling behavior. As a result, a gambler could catch himself that they may have spent some more than they were actually planning. It is so easy to lose yourself in the activity during gambling. The tension and sensation that comes with winning or losing real money can take care of the necessary distraction and it is then easy to lose sight of reality.

Different types of warnings

What kind of warnings get Belgians to see then? For example, they can be asked throughout normal questions. A question that could include a concerned partner or friend. A question like: When did you last eaten? Have you been outside today? Wouldn't you even think about a break? These questions serve as warnings with which players could protect themselves better against the dangers of gambling addiction. For example, the messages must appear on the screen via a pop-up when someone has been gambling for a while. The hope is of course that people themselves recognize and correct themselves. Whether the measure is really going to be effective, that can still be seen. Such a message will of course be almost at a given moment when an automatically clicked when it appears on your screen every 10 minutes. However, the objective that one tries can of course only be carried out.

Speaked time and committed amount

Incidentally, not only general questions as mentioned above will appear on the screens of online gamblers in Belgium. In the updated regulations, it is also included that players should see warnings in which information is shown about the time it has played or the amounts that have now been deployed during the session. If you clearly see what amount you have already lost or won for amount, then that may be a reason why you decide to stop for that day. Sometimes you sometimes lose sight of this, how much you get a profit or loss at that time. That casinos are now forced to the law to show gamblers every so often these statistics seems like a very good idea. Not only to take the decision if we are in the minus during the gambling session, but also if you are in the and you want to pack the earned profit once to do fun things.