A gambling addiction is of course extremely annoying to experience. You can get an addiction by gambling in one offline casino, but also in one Online casino. An online addiction is of course extra annoying. Especially because you as a player continuously access the internet.

We help you on the way if you suspect that you have an addiction. We let you know what you can do best if you indeed have an addiction.

What is a gambling addiction?

In fact, this means that you no longer have control over your gambling behavior. You have the feeling that you really have to gamble and spend online money on slots and Casino pellet.. Even if you don't want to get it the feeling that you have to do it. You can no longer stop there. Often you also experience physical and mental inconveniences if you don't gamble. You can no longer concentrate yourself on your work and in the worst case you even make debts to pay your addiction. If this is your situation, we recommend that you look for help.

How do you recognize an addiction with yourself?

There are a number of points that you must respond honest answer. If you can respond to most points you have to do with an addiction. This is the point to go search for help. We have listed the points below:

  • Do you constantly have to think of gambling?
  • Do you lie about money or spending money?
  • Do you give up more money to gambling than you have received in advance?
  • Try to stop, but don't work?
  • Do you neglect your social s with your environment?
  • Do you find it difficult to concentrate on your work?
  • Do you sometimes sign sick to gamble?

If you can answer these questions all yes it is important to search for help.

Sign yourself at an online casino

An online casino has an obligation to the player. They must take care if it goes wrong. This means that you should report yourself that you experience an addiction. Indicate that you can no longer stop to play or gamble. If you indicate this, they are obliged to block your account and IP address. You no longer have access to your account and you can no longer gamble at a weak moment!

Contact the doctor

The doctor has s with the GGZ that can help you with addiction care. It doesn't really matter if you are addicted to online or offline gambling. It is important that you step over your shame and search for help. The doctor can help you get in touch with the correct authorities. This way you can be helped to chicken gambling. It is important that your addiction is taken seriously. The doctor can help you with this and refer to the right channels.

Contact the bank

Do you no longer trust yourself? Then you can possibly the bank. You can indicate that you have problems with online gambling. They can possibly help you to temporarily block payments. You can therefore only pay offline and therefore no longer gambling on the internet. Of course there are still weighing that you can take, but it can help if it becomes more difficult to gamble. Most banks are understanding here and can help you with this. They can also help you with the financial debts that you may have built up by gambling.

Can you prevent a gambling addiction?

Of course you don't just visit our page. Chances are that you suspect that you are addicted. But maybe you are not so far and you just want to get the control of your life back. There are a few rules that you can use to prevent gambling addiction. We have listed them for you. You can try to get your control back.

Enable a limit to the casino

A method that you can help can be played by a limit. You can set a limit at the casino where you play. You can the casino for this. Indicate that you find it difficult to keep control over your issue in the casino. Indicate that you want to play with a limit. For example, you can indicate that you want to spend a maximum of AU$ 100 per month. The casino sets this for you and you can never deposit AU$ 100 per month.

Stop playing if you don't like it anymore

It is especially important that you keep having fun in the game. Also stop if you no longer experience pleasure. This can be a first sign of an addiction. Players who are addicted have the feeling that they have to play mandatory. That they don't have a choice except gambling on games in the casino. It is important to always prevent this item and never continue playing if you no longer like the game. Keep having fun!

Set a maximum time

Make your own appointment that you will play a maximum of half an hour. Strengthen yourself here. If you experience that this is pretty difficult, you can the casino. It can also set a time limit in addition to a money limit. You just can't play anymore and this also gives peace in your head.

Take a while

Do you experience that you are going to get gambling or seeing online gambling as a refuge? Then it can slowly change in a gambling addiction. It is high time to take some distance now. Log out directly from your account and try not to gamble the first few weeks. Do you get the feeling that this will not work? Adjust this to the casino and temporarily block your account for a few weeks. You will find that some distance can help prevent an addiction.

Frequently asked questions about a gambling addiction

💭 What should you do if you suspect that you have a gambling addiction?

Report this directly at the online casino where you play. They can guide you by exiting your account and sending you to an aid organization.

💡 What are the first signals that you may have an addiction?

If you gamble online more often, you actually want. But even if you feel that you have to gamble and you can't stop this. Another signal is that you spend more money on it than you planned.

🔞 What is the risk of addiction?

If you are addicted you run the risk of debts, problems within relationships and the risk of getting lost your job and house. It is therefore important to continue to walk around and search for help.

🔐 Is it possible to close your account in the online casino?

Yes if you make a message that you are addicted, you will get a cooling period. You can indicate yourself whether this is for two weeks, a month or few months. It is also possible to definitively block yourself.

🧠 Why can online gambling actively work?

Of course you don't consciously choose to get addicted. Often there are underlying problems, making your distraction search in the world of online gambling. Initially as relaxation, but soon this can get out of hand.

👨⚕️ Do you have to be treated for an addiction?

This depends on the type of addiction that you have. If a cooling period works sufficiently, a treatment is not necessary. But do you notice that you will create somewhere else accounts to gamble? Then it's smart to switch on assistance.