Published on January 11, 2018 in News

The gambling authority has announced their plans for the coming year earlier this week. This was done by the online publication of the 2018-2019 supervisory agenda. The most important point from the document is that the organization will prioritize the dangers of games of chance in the coming year. Minors are extra susceptible to gambling addictions and must therefore be protected from this. Today it is a problem that young people can easily access games of games that can be played for real money. Nowadays it is even possible to gamble on your mobile at a casino. The responsibility to prevent gambling by minors' people at the first instance with the gambling provider. The law is written that for people under the age of 18 gambling is prohibited. Casinos, lotteries and sports betting providers must ensure that this legislation is complied with.

Supervise providers gambling

One of the main tasks of the gambling authority is supervising all different providers of games of chance in the Australia. For example, they also check whether casinos do enough effort to verify the age of a player. Another point of control is the way in which marketing is carried out. For gambling, no advertising may be made that aimed at a minor target group. These are a few points that will check the gambling authority. If a provider is caught then the organization has the ability to give warnings, write out fines or even withdraw permits. In this way the gambling market in the Australia can be easily regulated. However, the problem is currently mainly regulating online gambling. The KSA runs against problems here.

Fighting from illegal casinos

Of course, in 2018, one of the top priorities of the gaming authority remains to combat the range of illegal casinos. This also depends on the protection of young people. The casinos that are located abroad that may not take it so closely with checking the age. The gambling authority cannot affect this, because in our country there is no regulation for online games of chance. Here is still no legislation in the Australia. The providers can therefore only be from abroad as Legal Casino to operate. The legislation that has already been prepared for eternity should therefore also be implemented as quickly as possible. In the Distance Gambling Act, clear and strict rules are drawn up for the online casinos. For example what they should do to protect young people against the dangers of a gambling addiction. A rapid introduction of the new gambling law is therefore necessary to give the KSA more powers to realize the noble goals of 2018.