Published on September 19, 2018 in News

The last month has become announced that the Australia canal authority has given two Swedish gambling companies high fines. It's about the Betsson Group companies and Mr. Green Limited. They have received fines of 300,000 and 312,500 respectively for offering online gambling to Australia consumers. It is a striking decision because it is not entirely clear to us why these companies have had a fine and other providers. Moreover, it seems that the legalization of online gambling in the Australia is getting closer. The penalty laying could, when online casinos are legally in our country, may have consequences if the gambling sites of the two Swedish companies apply for a casino license.

300,000 euros for Corona Limited

Really lots of details about the decision to impose the fines has not been announced by the Kanspel Authority. On the website of the authority, the message appeared on 24 August at the time that Corona Limited has had a fine of 300,000 euros. The company is part of the Betsson Group that is part of it Kroon Casino on Orange Casino. The gambling authority reports that the penalty laying has come about because of offering online games of chance through these two websites.

312,500 for Mr. Green Limited

This week a message was published on the website of the Gaming Authority that Mr. Green Limited has received a 92,500 bill fines. This company runs the Ons Ons Ons Onshell Casino Mr Green. The message was placed on September 12. Again the same reason is specified for imposing the fine. This makes it much unclear. We do not see why these providers have been a fine now. It is also unclear why Mr. Green has received a higher fine while executing a single online casino and two corona limited.

Casinos still available for Australia people

It is interesting to see what will now happen after the imposition of the two fines. It is to be expected that companies will appeal to the decision. They actually rely on their right to be able to offer their services within the EU as a legal casino within Europe. This is expected because the casinos are still just available to Australia people. So when you want to make a gamble you can still be on the website of Betsson Casino justly.