Published on November 12, 2018 in News

The Australia gambling authority has again imposed a high penalty to an online casino. This time it concerns 350,000 euros that has been imposed on CyberRock Entertainment N.V. and Honeydew Trading Limited. According to the authority, these two companies are part of the same organization and they work together when running various websites on which games of chance are offered. It is already the third casino company in a short time to deal with a penalty layout by the gambling authority. Previously, Betsson Group and Mr Green were also given the instruction to pay a penalty. This makes it clear that in our country the fight against an illegal gambling offer is increased this year. There are no known companies that have yet been transferred the obliged the fine.

Cyberrock a Honeydew.

The new fine that has been imposed early this month is intended for the two CyberRock Entertainment N.V. and Honeydew Trading Limited. According to the gambling authority, they are the operators of Play2win casino and supremeplay, among others. Websites on which Australia consumers can gamble. Interestingly, it has come to light that although the impression is raised that it is two different companies, this is not the case according to the KSA. They are reported that it is a single organization and that cyber rock entertainment N.V. The sole shareholder is from Honeydew Trading Limited. The first company is located at Curaçao and the second company in Cyprus. The casinos are therefore not in doing the very reliable Malta license. These websites are likely to offer Legal gambling On, but they do this with a Curaçao license. This is also a license that many providers of online games of chance in the world use. A casino met Bitcoin For example, has almost always always been licensed in Curaçao.

Websites offered in Australia

Although the gambling authority on their website reports that all casinos that Australia people accept are in violation as customers. Did this provider do something that put themselves in the spotlight. As a result, the imposition of the 350,000 euro fine. According to the KSA, the aforementioned websites were almost completely available in the Australia language. Sometimes cases were also observed in which the website had been seen in English, but the language transpression to Australia after one had registered and logged in. This is of course a very clear indication that the websites are trying to attract Australia consumers as gamblers. It is also the reason that the Casinos on our website Only available in the English language.

In any case, it may be clear that the KSA continues to impose fines in their eyes illegal casinos. To the extent that it is known to us, no defendant does not yet have the intention to pay this fine, but they intend to fight it through judicial roads.