Published on October 13, 2022 in News

Last week NetEnt came out with a new exclusive deal. The Studio Gaming Realms has put a signature under a contract with NetEnt. With this contract they buy the rights to build a slot machine based on Starburst.

Starburst is de Most popular slot machine That NetT has ever released. 80% of all players in the online casino have ever played at this game. Gaming Realms will build a new variant based on this epic game.

Gaming Realms has released the Slingo concept in recent years. This is actually a mix between bingo and a slot machine. Gaming Realms has made a Slingo variant of various well-known slots. This time Starburst will get its own Slingo version.

How does Slingo work?

Never played before Slingo? It is actually quite fun to do once. Just like with bingo you get a kind of bingo map. There are a number of numbers on the bingo map. You are supposed to get the card full. Can you succeed? Then you win a prize!

The Slingo games are released in a unique theme and thus different variants appear. In recent months a Slingo variant has been released from Who wants to be a Millionaire and Monopoly.

Gaming Realms is proud of the arrival of Starburst Slingo

An official interview has been published on the Gaming Realms website in which both companies confirm the news. Gaming Realms immediately let you know super proud Collaboration with Netent.

Thanks to the exclusive rights of Starburst, they can convert one of the most popular slots of all time into a Slingo variant. Starburst is actually a brand name of himself and is super successful in the casino. A Slingo version may not be missing.

Starburst Slingo only comes in 2022

Despite the fact that the news is already announced, the fans have to wait a while. Now that the rights in your pocket goes Gaming Realms get started to make it a nice game. This means that we can only play Starburst Slingo in 2022.

Gaming Realms hopes to take advantage of the success of the slot machine with the arrival of Starburst Slingo. They hope that more players are introduced to the Slingo phenomenon. There are enough players who have never played Slingo before.

Gaming Realms is convinced that fans of both games are being served a great game. Netent himself sees the arrival of Starburst Slingo as a unique way to the Casino Games Portfolio further expand.

Slingo is very popular in the US

While most European players have never heard of Slingo, the game is very popular in the US. The game is played regularly in American online casinos. It is therefore high time that Europe will be introduced to it. Hopefully the arrival of Starburst Slingo will change this.

We are not actually encountered in the Slingo Online casino. Of course we secretly curious what we can expect. With Starburst Slingo, the general public can probably make knowledge.