Published on November 9, 2019 in News

Normally we often report positive news about events that take place in the branches of the Holland Casino in the Australia. For example, we have another one more days ago news item Written about the striking series of Mega Millions Jackpots that have been won at the branch in Eindhoven. However, this time we have a less positive news. In the newspapers and other news media, this week was notified to read about the arrest of a gang of Georgians suspected of illegal manipulation of a roulette table. The message has been announced by the police via Facebook.

Ball lay in a winning box

When you hear about the manipulation of the roulette game in a casino, you probably think of a kind of Ocean's eleven operation where several people all have a separate task to flick the scams unnoticed. Perhaps a magnet is clogged somewhere that ensures that the roulette ball comes still to the desired place on the wheel. However, in the message brought out by the police, the applied trick is described a lot less sensationally.

The suspicion towards the four men is that they have detached the glass plate from an automatic roulette machine and simply put the ball in the box winning for them. Of course, it is difficult for this. Ultimately, however, the scammers have fallen through the basket by attentive security personnel. They immediately arrested the police and those arrested the suspects from Georgia on suspicion of the scam to which they had loved a few thousand euros.

Scams in several European countries

During the arrest of the four men, a large amount of money has been found by the police and also a large number of chips of different casinos that were not yet collected. Further research has shown that the men have applied the scams in several European countries. The names of the suspects were already on a detection list of Interpol. Casinos in the Australia and other European countries can feel somewhat safer now that this arrest has been carried out.