Published on October 15, 2018 in News

The Mega Jackpot of the Mega Fortune Videoslot has fallen again this month in one Netent Casino Online. This time it was a German man who managed to drag the Jackpot amount of more than 3.4 million euros. We have now heard more details about the winnings a few days later. We are happy to share these with the readers of our website. We themselves love these stories and from your feedback it appears that many gamblers share this view with us. In this news item we bring you the incredible story of an evening gambling in an online casino that turned out to have a gigantic impact on the life of a happy German.

4.078.112 dollar Mega Jackpot

Depending on where you bet in the world in an online casino, you get the price that you can win with the Mega Fortune jackpot to see in the currency that gambles you. In Germany this should therefore be euros in the Australia. However, the German man probably had the balance of his account in dollars, because the price he knew was winning was $ 4,078,112. Converted in our payment mint this is more than 3.4 million euros. It is also known that the man played at the time of profit with a bet of $ 2.5 per spider. This is approximately 2.15 euros per spin with the current exchange rate. No bad profit margin because it means that a single bet is 1.6 million times multiplied.

Just gambling for dinner

Of the details that have become known, we now know that the winner and new multi-millionaire from Germany comes from Germany and journalist is appealed. Due to his profession, the man at the evening had got home. He therefore decided to keep dinner simple and order a pizza. While he was waiting for the delivery, the decision was made to turn on the computer and take a chance at an online casino. This turned out to be a good decision afterwards, because in the short time the German managed to win the Jackpot of the Mega Fortune Slot. Happiness already started winning Free Spins On the slot. It was during the rounds of spins without bet that three bonus wheels became visible on the rolls.

Again eighth winner of 2018

When you get three bonus wheels on the rolls on the Mega Fortune video slot, then the bonus game starts with which the three jackpots can be won. To get this done for each other you have to run the wheel three times. The first time you hope for an arrow that points inwards. That is the signal that you can run the second wheel where higher prices are on. However, you get an arrow that points inwards, the third wheel may also be turned. Now there is a real chance to drag a jackpot. There are also boxes with the Rapid and Major Jackpots on the third wheel. However, everyone hopes that the wheel in the box with the arrow that came with diamonds. That would mean that you have won the Mega Jackpot. An amount that often amounts to several million euros. This happened to the German earlier this month and it was already the eighth winner of the Jackpot in 2018.

YouTube video of the moment

If you want to know how such a bonus round with the rotating wheels looks like and what you will see when you know an incredible cash prize of $ 4 million, then you have to view the YouTube video below. The Pokerstarts Casino where the man won the prize has released a video in which the exact moment of profit can be seen. Saibrant detail is that the images can be seen that the man only had $ 25 in his account when he managed to win the jackpot. So with his current commitment he could only spin 10 times more. The balance also shows that it is certainly not a highroller that gambles thousands of euros. You could also have mentioned the person who can suddenly mention a multi-millionaire at the next. If you also want to try your luck on the Mega Fortune Slot then this is possible, among other things Turbo Casino....