Published on September 24, 2019 in News

Just cashing on the previous news item in which we were talking about it Problem with age control at online casinosIn this we already discussed that the introduction of the Remote Gambling Act is needed to do something about this. If providers can request a Australia casino license and are directly supervised by the gambling authority, specific requirements can be made in this area.

Our expectation is that a bank verification will be introduced. This is a way to control identity and age that other countries in Europe apply. In addition, the Australia banks have already developed a product with which this is possible.

Ideal iden idin

Identify online via the bank is possible with a product called Idin. It is from the same makers who made Ideal years ago to make safe online payments via internet banking. The Currence Holding company B.V. Works closely with all major banks in the Australia. Verifying your name, address and age via your bank is an ideal way to do this.

For concluding a bank account, such data must be well controlled by the bank. In addition, logging in to internet banking is so well protected that unauthorized persons cannot just admit this. With IDIN you log in to your bank and then the desired identity data will be verified. This can therefore be a way that the age control will soon have to be performed at an online casino.

In Scandinavia, all bank verification is used

When we look at other European countries where the online gambling is only legalized, such as Sweden, we see that they also use bank verification here. In all Scandinavian countries this method of identity is used for all kinds of cases where it is important to check the name, address and age of a person. In Sweden, it is included in the law that online casinos should use this method of verification before they give someone access to the games of chance that are offered on the website.

No minors gambling and super fast payouts

If the gambling authority requires verification verification via the IDIN bank verification for online casinos, then the problem has been solved directly from minors that can gamble for real money. The process then only takes a few counts. The casino staff no longer need to view copies of passports or ID cards or to ask proof of address. After logging in to internet banking via idin, this data immediately verified.

Another advantage of bank verification is that payouts will be processed super fast. When you request to pay your profit, your identity has already verified your bank account number is known when, for example Deposited with iDEAL . This means that even your first payment can already be on your bank account the same day. In any case, this is the situation where gamblers in Sweden are now enjoying. The same should also be possible in the Australia.

How does identity and age are verify via bank?

Verify your identity and age through the bank is very simple. The process is explained in the video of the IDIN website below. The procedure has a lot of money from an online payment with iDEAL. You simply choose the bank where you are connected and log in to the internet banking. The personal data that the online casino needs are then shared and verified. The process will not seem to be more than a minute. Ideal for both the gambler and the casino.

Whether the bank verification at online casinos will really come to see. The lower regulations are still being worked out. We hope that policy makers look at the successes in other countries and apply such an easy system.