Published on July 15, 2018 in News

From this month it is possible at Holland Casino Utrecht to get gambling as the starting player. The Experience Zone is opened here on July 6. A relaxed environment where you can get to know gambling. This is a nice addition to the casino, because for starting players it can be best impressive to take place for the first time in the blackjack or roulette tables. Not only because they are not yet fully known to the rules and are afraid of making mistakes. Also because the minimum insert limits here are not beginner friendly here. If you have to put in at least 10 euros, then your entire gambling budget has disappeared with a few errors. In the new Experience zone of the Casino in Utrecht, beginners in a relaxed atmosphere can take their first gowns. The zone is open every Friday and Saturday evening from 9 p.m.

Location Incetiments

The first major advantage of the Experience Zone is that you can gamble with low insert limits here. It is possible to play games such as blackjack and roulette with deploying 50 cents or 1 euro. For starting gamblers of course a lot more interesting than the normal insert limit of at least 10 euros. With a budget of 50 or 100 euros you can place more than 100 bets.

Explanation of Croupier or Dealer

The croupiers and dealers who work in the Experience Zone of Holland Casino Utrecht are called supersocial hosts. They don't just work business, but give players explanation and tips while they lead the game. The games that are available to get an explanation are: Blackjack, Roulette and Punto Banco. Two lesser-known casino games are also explained here. These are casino 21 and diceball.

Play with friends

Bring a visit to the casino is mainly meant as a nice day out with friends. You can also do gambling with real dealers with low insert limits in one online live casino. In the Experience Zone it is really fun to gamble with friends. You can sit next to each other at a table, but it is also possible to play with each other via handheld play terminals. This is called by the Casino The Stadium.

More relax atmosphere

What characterizes the new zone in the casino site is the relaxed atmosphere that prevails here. For example, the music here is a bit harder than in the rest of the property and there is a large bar where you can order a nice drink. The house rules have also been drawn up more smoothly here. For example, it is permitted to take pictures with your mobile and to place them on social media. In the rest of the casino this is not permitted to protect the privacy of the guests.

Skill Based Gaming soon

The Experience Zone in Holland Casino Utrecht will soon also be the place where the new Skill Based Gaming will be offered. This is a new way of gambling that has been announced a while ago. According to the Holland Casino, people with skill can make more likely to win with these games. Many details are not yet known about the games of chance, but the intention is to appeal to young players.