Published on February 18, 2018 in News

As the regular visitors to our website do meanwhen, we would like to inform you about the state of affairs regarding the progressive jackpot slots in Australia online casinos. After all, the prices that are to be won are surprising to everyone. Who does not want to bet a few euros on an online video slot and have a chance to win a prize that is several million euros. Such a profit margin on your deployment can be achieved in the casino in any other gambling. For this reason we always keep when it comes to the money amounts that can be won on the slots with Jackpot. At the moment we can report that the weather is a good time to try your luck on one of these video slots.

Video slots with the highest jackpot prices

The reason that it is now a good moment to play Jackpot slots is the fact that the jackpot prices of just two of the top slots are already more than 10 million euros. The chance that these prices are going to fall as a result becomes higher. The height of the jackpots will also attract more and more players so that the amount will rise even faster. The two largest developers of casino games are also responsible for the highest progressive jackpots that can be won there. This is not like a surprise when you know how these prices work. Every time a player places a bet a small part of this amount will go to the Jackpot Prijs. The games offered online in most casinos will therefore achieve the greatest height.

Mega Moolah AU$ 6.017 million

The jackpot where to win the highest amount of money at the moment is the Mega Moolah Jackpot of Microgaming. This price is now over more than 6 million euros. It is an amount that comes close to the highest price that was won last year. Then a happy player managed to win 8 million euros. Now that it has been reached to the imagination level of 6 million the jackpot will quickly continue and can fall every moment. Reason enough to look up the Mega Moolah slot in an online casino.

Hall of Gods AU$ 4.134 million

In 2017, NetEnt has no less than 78 million euros Progressive jackpot prices Pulled. The Swedish developer is therefore an excellent choice if you want to play slot on such a video. Last year the highest amounts on the Hall or God's slot were won. Then two prices of more than 7 million euros were paid out. Now you can again put the highest price in your pocket here. The Hall or God's Jackpot is about more than 4.1 million euros. The highest netent jackpot and a price where your life can change.

Mega Fortune AU$ 1,609 million

The Mega Fortune Jackpot from Netent is not yet a price of several million euros. Yet we still want to call this briefly in this news item. After all, the money amount of 1.6 million euros that you can win is still not a cat lift. Every gambler in the online casino would like to draw for this prize. The Mega Fortune slot in the game offering is therefore still worthwhile.

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