Published on February 9, 2022 in News

Last week we already reported on our website that the economy of Macau and in particular the Casinos are badly affected by the Corona virus. These companies mainly have to have Chinese tourists who happen to take a gamble. However, by fear of the Corona virus and the many deaths that this has already resulted in, many people in this part of the world have decided or postponing their travel plans. This already had the result that the number of visitors from China has decreased by 80% compared to the same period last year. Unfortunately, the casinos in Macau will have to endure even heavier circumstances in the coming period, because the government has now ordered them to close its doors for a minimum of two weeks.

Closed at least two weeks

The forced closure of the casinos in Macau is to start a duration of at least two weeks. This news has been announced in a press conference by the Chief Executive of the Land Ho Iat Seng. This period has been discussed from Wednesday 5 February. During the press conference, the man also reported that he personally committed to the casinos to ask them during the period no employees or shorten their salaries. The need forced decides has major consequences for the country because the casinos and the related tourism forms a large part of the economy. The tiny country adjacent to the Chinese mainland and near Hong Kong has 41 casinos. Yet the decision is found to be necessary to control the Corona virus. In Macau, 10 infections were recorded last week of which 7 people from abroad came from abroad.

Grant depending on situation

It is hoped that the further distribution of the Corona virus will come to an end to the further distribution of the Corona virus or that the situation can at least be pursued. The Macau authorities have announced that the forced closure can still be extended if the fear of spreading virus continues to exist. The doors of the casinos may have to stay closed for months. This would be disastrous for the companies, the people working here and the entire economy of the country.

By the way, Chinese, who can now no longer be able to gamble, can officially go to a Legal Online Casino. These are banned in China. Recently a large number of sites have been established that operated from Cambodia.