Published on February 9, 2018 in News

Great Britain is one of the most progressive countries in the world when it comes to online gambling. The country has a long history with regard to offering games of chance. For example, the bookmakers are known for the fact that you can really bet on everything. Who will be the new pope? Who wins the presidential elections in the United States? The English bookmakers are happy to give you a quotation on which you can bet a bet. Online casinos therefore focus where something like to be on the British audience. For this reason, there is a comprehensive legislation in Great Britain to regulate gambling via the internet. The license issued by the UK Gambling Commission is one of the most difficult permits for online casinos to be obtained. These strict requirements for providers are intended to protect the British and offer a fair range as fairly as possible.

Gambling companies on the fingers tapped by gambling commission

Due to the progress of the British in the field of online gambling, we can look at this market to see what changes in the rest of the world to come. For this reason the news, which came out last week, the fact that the UK Gambling Commission has a number of large gambling companies on the fingers tapped very interesting. The gambling agency, together with the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), focused on the unfair Casino Bonuses They are offered. Multiple large players are guilty of this. This concerns the conditions that the players must meet if they decide to use the bonuses. They then have to use the bonus fee an X number of times before they can keep it definitive and also pay out. The problem is that some providers also pay off the money that the players have deposited themselves. This should change and the three largest online casinos from Great Britain, who were guilty of this, have also promised this.

Money cannot pay off after using a bonus

The fact that conditions are linked to everyone is clear to everyone. People also understand that casinos don't just give up large amounts of free money. The most important condition of a bonus is the so-called wagon requirement. It states that you first have to put the amount that you get free with the bonus a minimum number of times before you can really keep or pay it to your bank account. No crazy demand of course from the casino. However, the problem is that you almost always play with your own money and then only with the bonus money that you have received from the casino. The moment you have already achieved a nice profit with your own money, you don't really need the bonus money anymore. Within 30 days to meet the Wagering Requirement, it is often no longer possible. At a good casino you can in that case cancel the bonus and simply let your profit payable. However, this is not the case with all providers. Some keep you staying at the Wagering Requirement to which you must first be met. This is unfair, also finds UK Gambling Commission, and this should change.

Eskimo Casino with most friendly bonus conditions

Now that Great Britain's largest online casinos have since promised to meet the new requirements for bonuses. Is the expectation that all others Legal Casino's will follow quickly. It is striking that our number 1 casino has already been forwarded to these matters. In the Eskimo casino review If you have already been able to read that they offer the most friendly bonus conditions. This welcome bonus exactly complies with the condition that the UK Gambling Commission states.