Published on December 19, 2018 in News

It took more than a year but since last Monday evening Groningen can gamble again in their city. Now a few more years in a temporary pop-up casino, but this is absolutely not expressed. The people present during the opening party on Monday, December 17, can have experienced that the Holland Casino Groningen on the outside may not look so impressive, but from within certainly not to work with any other location of the state-owned. The festive evening was presented by well-known Groninger Frits Sissing and also Victor Mids of the Mindf * CK program to surprise visitors with some magic tricks. Traditionally, the games of chance were officially explained with rolling the golden ball in the roulette wheel. This also determines the lucky number of the casino.

No more commute to Leeuwarden

With the opening of the very first pop-up casino in the world, it is possible to take a gamble in Groningen. A few weeks ago it was decided to start a temporary casino, which can remain until the construction of the new branch has been completed over a number of years. The event that led to this situation is the fire that took place on 27 August 2017. The busy Holland Casino Groningen was completely burned out. The entire property could not be saved. Sin for the Groningen because the state-owned company is still The only casino in the Australia where you can gamble legally. An emergency solution has still been devised where people could Commute from Groningen to LeeuwardenBut that was of course not ideal. This has now come to an end because there is again a casino location in the northernmost province.

BN'ers from the party at the opening party

Of course a festive evening is part of the opening of a temporary casino. The opening party was crowded and even some BN'ers were present. For example, presenter First Sissing took the presentation of the evening. He also announced magician Victor Mids from the Mindf * CK program to give a show. Magicians and casinos is always a good combination. This is clear from the fact that the largest magic shows in the world in the casinos of Las Vegas are given. A magician has everything at its disposal to give a show. For example, tricks with the playing cards were done, but also victor Mids blindfolded the golden roulette ball.

Lucky holland casino groningen is 22

The golden roulette ball is traditionally always present at the opening of a Holland Casino location. The tradition is to officially explain all games of chance to roupling the gold ball in the roulette wheel and to determine the lucky number of the casino. The honor to do this this time was to Fellicia Molenaar. The newest croupier of the Holland Casino in Groningen. She left the ball in the roulette wheel to a halt at the number 22. So this is now the lucky of the branch. According to Fellicia, this was also the song that fell when they as a croupier in training for the very first time the roulette wheel moved. Maybe a bood that you want to take into account if you see this croupier at the play tables.

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