Published on February 2, 2022 in News

The originally South African software supplier Habanero has come out with two large news items in recent weeks! In January it was officially announced that the company has officially obtained the MGA license.

More and more online casino suppliers try to get a permit yourself. With this they can demonstrate to online casinos that they produce safe games. Usually this is not really mandatory for suppliers themselves. The casinos must mainly arrange this yourself.

Habanero has achieved the milestone by applying for a permit. This is not cheap, but the company wants to demonstrate that they are a safe supplier. With the license they hope to become visible at even more online casinos.

At least it will not be due to quality. In the meantime, the company has more than 100 titles known for the high quality. Each time Habanero knows how to impress the beautiful graphics and unique gameplay. This has also recognized the MGA after they have issued a permit.

Habanero is one of the fastest growing software suppliers in Europe

According to Habanero itself, the step was not entirely unexpected to apply for a permit. The last year the company belonged to one of the fastest growing software suppliers in Europe.

The growth also includes the new step to apply for a permit At the MGA. The MGA license is still seen as the most important permit for the online casino. With this permit they get access to 14 regulated countries in Europe. The Australia does not yet belong to this, but companies with this license are given priority. This means that they can get a permit in the Australia faster.

Habanero also releases the first 2022 slot machine

To make the party extra great, Habanero yesterday has the First slot machine from 2022 released. Totem Towers is a new spectacle supplier spectacle. The slot machine is fully devoted to the Maya.

As an explorer you can discover the lost world of Mayas. During your discovery trip you naturally discover treasures that you can produce a lot of money. There are a total of 101 paylines that you can bet money. Of course all three winlines are equipped with beautiful 3D graphics.

Make Chance of 100 Free Spins on Totem Towers

Of course this slot machine is really a party to play. Secretly we also expect Habanero. But it gets extra fun with the scatter symbols in the game! This is one of the few slots where you can earn 100 Free Spins. But how do you get that done? Simply spinning the scatter symbols. With a little luck you immediately activate the 100 Free Spins in the game!

Real Habanero Fans. Can get a lot of fun out of the slot machine. The team has long been working on it to release this game. You immediately notice this once you are going to play. There is no one game that plays so well as Totem Towers. Especially not with a real Mayan theme. In short, put your money on it and try it yourself. Who knows you still activate the 100 Free Spins!