Published on April 19, 2018 in News

Have you ever heard from the internet or things? The technique is also often called IOT. It is the collective name of all different devices that are connected to each other via the internet. In our daily lives we are increasingly gaining this type of application. Consider, for example, the thermostat that you can operate via your computer or mobile phone. Or a coffee maker that you can already put on your bed via an internet connection, so that your cup of coffee is ready for you when you walk out the shower. Why do we talk about the internet of things in this news item? This technology has everything to do with the bizarre way in which hackers have stolen the details of all highrollers of a casino.

Story divided by Darktrace CEO

First, let's start the notification that the data from the gamblers who like to gamble with high bets are not at one Nederlands online casino be stolen. Which casino it goes exactly is not entirely clear. The CEO of cyber security company Darktrace Nicole Eagan, shared the story of the bizarre hack at a conference of colleagues in London. Darktrace is a company that can help people and organizations securing their internal network. Naturally, companies that have to do the personal data of their customers do not want to protect that unauthorized persons can only log in to their secure servers. However, practice is that the skilled specialists often only become enabled when it is stuck that a hack has taken place. They then try to figure out how the hackers have arrived and close the gap in security.

Hacked via an aquarium thermometer

What the Darktrace employees determined at the still unknown casino was that a hacker had entered the network through a thermometer of the aquarium in the casino. This is such an internet or thinking application that we had it earlier. The casino had had a system installed with which they could control the temperature of the aquarium remotely. Nice and handy, but if a device connected to the internet is not properly secured, this is an easy way for hackers to get access to the network. Once arrived here, they can then also easily provide access to other systems. So it is possible that unauthorized hackers have just held the details of all large gamblers. No pleasant feeling because like gambler you don't want everyone to just know how much money you leave in the casino. This is private and no one goes on.

Online casinos have things better in order

The reality is that with the increasing number of household appliances that are connected to the Internet or Things increasing opportunities to enter networks that we expected were safe. Because online casinos are much better prepared for hackers who want to provide access to the data from customers, they have their affairs much better. In the spaces where the servers are from the gambling sites are not a aquariums connected to the same network. Here you don't have to worry about you as a user. It is therefore perhaps a better choice to give a chance through the internet if you find the protection of your private data important. Moreover, at online casino you can also go well as high roller. In the Live Casino of Netent For example, when playing roulette you can bet up to 100,000 euros per round.